Jobs Saved Already! Thanks Democrats!

Now try getting out of the tree.

The GQP has climbed up the tree and now must get down by themselves. The headline below underscores that they had nothing, zero, zip to do with the good news:

Dems’ COVID relief package already saving tens of thousands of jobs

“It was just last month when American Airlines announced it was sending furlough notices to roughly 13,000 employees. Within a few hours of Congress passing the Democratic COVID relief package, the company reversed course, saying those workers can now stay on the job.

“A letter from American Airlines executives read, ‘To those who had received notices warning of furloughs: those are happily canceled — you can tear them up!’

“…Following up on yesterday’s coverage, it’s not often Congress passes a law on a Wednesday, and by Thursday afternoon, tens of thousands of American jobs have been saved. And yet, that’s precisely what happened this week.”

That’s what I would call Checkmate.

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2 Responses to Jobs Saved Already! Thanks Democrats!

  1. GQP: “This just goes to show how communists like American Airlines are joining with the radical Democrat socialists in Congress to destroy this country”

    Also GQP “Thank you Mr. American Airlines lobbyist for your generous donation. We will use it to win in 2022 and reverse the reckless spending that the Biden Radical Socialist Democrat cabal have inflicted on this great country. We’ll claw it back from everyone who recieved that bail-out, and make sure that vital American industries such as yours get the resources, tax cuts and anti-union legislation you need to create good jobs for Americans at the lowest possible wages!”

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Good thing I’m a Democrat. All of this winning would really be a drag if I wasn’t.
    Let them stay up that tree till they fall down dead.

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