Grifters Gotta Grift

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There’s always a special delivery for obvious crook Louis DeJoy:

Congressman asks SEC to investigate $54 million trade in Oshkosh just hours before announcement of USPS fleet-contract

The US Postal Service’s decision to award a contract worth as much as $6 billion to Oshkosh to upgrade its delivery fleet is being met with scrutiny from Democrats, including Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan.

In a letter on Monday, Ryan asked the Securities & Exchange Commission to investigate a $54 million trade in shares of Oshkosh that was made just hours before the USPS officially announced its decision to award the contract to them.

“I write to pass along reports of what might be unusual trading of Oshkosh stock that took place less than 24 hours before Postmaster General Louis DeJoy publicly announced the contract decision in front of a House panel on February 23rd,” Ryan wrote.

“Specifically, an over $54 million purchase of OSK [was] made 20 hours before Mr. DeJoy’s announcement,” Ryan added.

The announcement by DeJoy sent shares of Workhorse Group, which was viewed as the favorite to win the contract, plunging by more than 50%. Shares of Oshkosh briefly surged following the announcement, but those gains have since evaporated.

So what’s the under-over that DeJoy shorted it?

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2 Responses to Grifters Gotta Grift

  1. Steve-O says:

    Could this lead back to Destroyer DeJoy and the kind of underhanded and possible illegal shenanigans we expect from a _____ appointee holding on for dear life? Could it lead to his demise?
    Don’t threaten me with a good time…

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I hate being the first to say it, but the main goal of postal reform is to take Dejoy out of postal work…

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