Dad Signs, Cont.

H/T @NamelessCynic of the electric Twitter machine


(I swear my dad told me this one as we were taking the train to Los Angeles to visit the Grands.)

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4 Responses to Dad Signs, Cont.

  1. Jimmy T says:

    The head engineer was angry at the guy running the train the other day, “You’ve got to be the worst train driver in history. How many trains did you derail last year?”

    His response: “Can’t say for sure, it’s so hard to keep track!”

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  2. donnah says:

    In the news a while back there was a story about a train/truck collision and someone tweeted, “How does something like this even happen? Wasn’t it obvious where the train was going?”


  3. Ten Bears says:

    Only fools and newcomers run pipes like that.


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