They Are As Awful As We Thought

Tally, ho!

Last night, Twitter was agog about all the spilt tea over the royals, and honestly I just don’t care:

It will be interesting to see if this celebrity gossip story has legs.

(Full disclosure: I was in the UK when Princess Di died, and I did not understand the reaction. I figured that the royals were more-or-less movie star-level celebrities, so when the country more or less shutdown I was completely baffled. The day before the media there had Diana on blast for dating, well, one of THEM, and they turned on a dime. It was beyond cynical especially since the tabloids were probably culpable for her death. Looking at you, Rupert.)

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  1. Martin Pollard says:

    Hell, anyone who’s watched even a single episode of The Crown knows that the royals are mostly a festering bag of syphilitic, inbred dicks. Even without the embellishments and dramatizations, that comes through pretty damn clearly, so why anyone is surprised at the racism and the contempt for “outsiders” (both of which are about as opaque as a car’s windshield) is beyond me.

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  2. The day before the media there had Diana on blast for dating, well, one of THEM,

    I don’t think anyone in the tabloids or the crusty uppers there had the slightest clue how much the people actually loved her, and the response blindsided them, completely.

    Rupert and the other tabloids, for all their ‘Man of the Pipples’ bs, are deeply and incestuously intertwined with the crusty uppers because their power is dependent on knowing their secrets, and being able to spill them; it’s the same kind of epistemic closure the RW media has with the crusty uppers here, only without the MAGAtariat in the circle.

    They THOUGHT they had the ‘pulse’ of the ‘commons’, but they didn’t. The commons only bought their papers to laugh at the crusty upper twits, and ogle the Page 8 chicks. They largely passed over the crapping on Diana because it was very, VERY clear who the Bad Guys were in that whole thing.

    Oh the tabloids could rile ’em up over sensational crimes, juicy scandals and such, but crucially, they couldn’t turn them against someone the ‘commons’ liked.

    And they liked Diana. She was far and away the most human of that bunch. She was honest with them and that goes a hell of a long way.

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  3. donnah says:

    I did not watch the interview, but I saw some clips and for me the key takeaway was that Meghan was in despair and no one in the Royal Family aside from Harry paid attention. It shows that suicide is still taboo to talk about and shouldn’t be, and that no matter how rich and famous you are, cruelty and depression can still destroy you.

    The Royals won’t speak out because that’s not what they do. I hate that it’s a tabloid nightmare and we’re all cynical about who we can believe in stories like this.

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    • lofgren says:

      This seems unfair. Both Harry and William have been outspoken proponents for mental health and therapy and both have spoken publicly about their despair, depression, and trauma after their mother died. They have specifically tried to make the very point that you make in your last sentence of your first paragraph in order to destigmatize mental illness.

      I am not defending them from the specific allegations. I don’t even know what the specific allegations are. But both boys are on record as advocates for mental health and have shown a surprising willingness to speak openly about their own problems even when the Queen reportedly disapproved. They have also attempted to mitigate some of the damage their father’s obsession with New Age healing has done, although with mixed success since they seem unwilling to outright call him a crank.

      You can be an advocate for mental health and sometimes fall short of your ideals, or you can be a public advocate for something yet privately behave differently. Maybe one or both of those are what happened. But I don’t think it is fair to say that they won’t speak out when they have made real efforts to stop the stigma against mental health in their public lives.

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  4. Stony Pillow says:

    Not following “Keeping Up With the Windsors”. Sorry.

    GOAT “Upper Class Twit of the Year” winners


    • dixiechiken says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Or care less.

      It seems to me that for two people who do nothing but piss & moan about how gawd-awful the press is to them and how difficult it is to be in the public eye, they do everything in their power to remain on the front page and in the spotlight.


  5. skinnydennis says:

    SNL 11 years ago. We may see more soon!


  6. Bruce388 says:

    My lady friend at the time and I used to rent a house on the Outer Banks with a British couple she knew. Diana’s crash occurred right before our annual vacation. They were BIG fans of Diana and more than irritated by the lack of reaction from the rest of the firm.

    “What do you expect? They’re a bunch of Germans.”


  7. moeman says:

    When it reigns, it poors.


  8. Richard Portman says:

    We should have such problems. Boo hoo. Who gives a shit.


  9. HarpoSnarx says:

    What is past, is prologue:
    Vicky vs. Bertie
    Eddy vs. Georgie
    David vs. Bertie
    Lilibet vs. Margo
    Charles vs. Anne
    Wills vs. Harry
    George vs. Archie?

    Sounds like a lot of whackjobs families all the world.

    This just another dysfunctional intergenerational family squabble the corrupt global WhoreMedia is pimping to masses of drama addicted shut-ins and sob sister woke glory baiters. Since the Capitol vandals have gone under their rocks what else is on teevee? Hurry sweeps!


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