The Future Looks Female

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This is an intriguing battle looming on The War on Women:

Biden to sign executive orders focused on women’s rights

President Biden will sign executive orders Monday establishing a Gender Policy Council and directing the Department of Education to review the federal law Title IX, according to administration officials.

Why it matters: The Biden administration is signaling its priorities to advance gender equity and equality as women, particularly women of color, have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Biden will also sign an executive order directing the Department of Education to review controversial Title IX provisions enacted under former President Trump, which provided those accused of sexual assault or harassment on college campuses with more protections.

As you should recall, President Handsome Joe Biden was the original sponsor of the Violence Against Women Act way-back in the Clinton presidency, which expired and was not renewed under Prznint Horn Dog in 2019, and one need not look further than all the sex-abuse related lawsuits against him to know why.

Axios is not sanguine that the Coup Klux Klan will vote to renew it now, because: The Skirts.

It’s a pretty sure bet that the VAWA won’t garner much Republican support, methinks, especially if transwomen are included as they should be.

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5 Responses to The Future Looks Female

  1. NOTHING! NO THING that the Biden Administration does, period is going to get GQP support. They’re committed to the Turtle playbook, 100% obstructionthen complain that the Dims dodn’t get anything done.

    I wish I had some way of pounding that into Manchin’s and Sinema’s skulls.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Iron Woman? Hey why not? They’re a whole lot tougher than we give them credit for. Ever been in a delivery room? Damn…

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    • julesmomcat says:

      Yeah – been there, TWICE, and it wasn’t a lot of fun, but the results were
      totally worth it, ’cause it got me 8 grands and 11 g-grands!

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  3. Transwomen aren’t women. Biologically, they are men. If they were actual women, they wouldn’t have the designation of “trans”. That said, they need their own protection. Very badly, I might add. & they also need their own sports & changing rooms & everything else. The entire culture needs to change.

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