Microsoft: Hacked Again

The quality control team is up to their usual standards of excellence at The Borg:

Their tagline  of old, ‘Where do you want to go today?’ oh, you know… China:

At least 30,000 US organisations including local governments have been hacked in recent days by an “unusually aggressive” Chinese cyber-espionage campaign, according to a computer security specialist.

The White House is taking it seriously:

“This is a significant vulnerability that could have far-reaching impacts. First and foremost, this is an active threat,” Psaki told reporters during the daily press briefing…

Cybersecurity group FireEye said in blog post late Thursday night that hackers had been in at least one client’s system since January, and that they had gone after “US-based retailers, local governments, a university, and an engineering firm,” along with a Southeast Asian government and a Central Asian telecom group.

Microsoft’s ubiquity makes them a fat, slow-moving, target. All technology is vulnerable, so this is not a problem unique to Microsoft, but the question remains: why do so many organizations continue to make their tech decisions on a company with such an incredibly bad history.

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4 Responses to Microsoft: Hacked Again

  1. Because no one ever got fired for specifying IBM Microsoft.

    Also, at least in the case of Exchange, there’s not really anything comparable on the market.

    So, kiddies, get prepared for a carton of spam and phishing emails coming from legit-looking sources…like your bank…

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  2. roket says:

    Kind of makes you wonder where these Microsoft Exchange servers are manufactured.


  3. better info than the CNBC link:

    Only some of these sites were compromised by the PRC state hackers. Many many other groups were on it….

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