One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Get a Clue Fish

The GQP thinks that they are somehow winning the Cancel Culture Wars with Dr. Seuss:

The House Republicans’ campaign arm is offering donors copies of the Dr. Seuss classic “The Cat in the Hat,” seeking to capitalize on a new front in the culture war.

The Cat-in-the-Hat was not one of the books that were pulled from print, geniuses. Reading comprehension, which the Seuss books promotes, is kinda missing here.

Why it matters: The offer, while gimmicky, shows how potent appeals to “cancel culture” can be for grassroots Republicans, even amid debates about more weighty policy matters like coronavirus relief and voting rights.

What’s happening: The National Republican Congressional Committee is sending the books to donors who give $25 to GOP efforts to retake the House….

The potency of this particular flashpoint was evident Thursday morning, when 11 of the top 12 best-selling books on Amazon were Dr. Seuss works.

Of course there’s no evidence that the GQP can read, but I know: whatever it takes to own the libs (or to think they do).

When I checked the Amazon best selling books list, the Lorax was #9, so I have great hope that these evil geniuses are about to learn about climate change.

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10 Responses to One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Get a Clue Fish

  1. When I checked the Amazon best selling books list, the Lorax was #9, so I have great hope that these evil geniuses are about to learn about climate change.

    Oh TG, they’re not going to READ them, they’re going to display them as TROPHIES of ‘lib-owning’

    Just like the people who buy ‘books-by-the-foot’ to make their shelves look intellectshul without actually having to read them…

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    • tengrain says:

      BDR –

      Very good point, as I have noted there is no proof that GQPers are literate. Maybe they could practice reading with these books?




      • julesmomcat says:

        ….waste of time; they lack the basic IQ points to absorb, analyze, and effectuate any printed points – much less, any deep thoughts.

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  2. roket says:

    The Cat in the Hat is going to look funny next to that art print coffee table book.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I love the fact that they are basically bringing a liberal Trojan Horse into their homes. The Sneetches will make their kids liberal.

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  4. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!

    While it’s funny that the GQP has gotten the whole cancel culture thing wrong in general and are wildly missing what actually happened with Dr. Seuss, but it ain’t funny because they are successfully keeping the base riled up and focused on this while they try to weaken the #COVID19 relief bill and all #COVID19 rebound and various state government fail their citizens. They’ll try to make cancel culture the new defund the police. The only good news is that we’re still a year and half out of the 2022 elections and will probably shoot its wad before it effects the election.


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  5. Burr Deming says:

    Oh Come on, tengrain.
    Dr. Seuss has a positive cultural impact liberals like you want to ignore, and it makes me impatient.

    The Cat in the Hat, for example, is one of the few books, an actual book with covers and pages, that contemporary cultural conservatives, even Donald Trump, can read and understand. Okay, I suppose you could count comic books, but that’s stretching a point. I’m talking actual books where these folks can move their lips and say the words.

    Let’s not diminish that extraordinary phenomenon.

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  7. MDavis says:

    Cat in the Hat – $5.00 retail.
    Owning the libs – $20 to grifters.
    Exposing GQP kids to Dr Seuss – priceless.

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