‘I Have Done Some Research’

It’s all bananas!

You guys, Idaho doesn’t wanna be left out of the Crazee States competition, and so they have made a bold entry: Representative Karey Hanks wants to share her mask research:

“I have done some research and would like to share with you the physical and emotional and even mental injuries to our bodies and possibly even our souls as healthy individuals are required to wear face masks.”

Hanks did not show her work, but I do not dispute the idea that people who would want to expose themselves, their families, and their friends to the Trump-Virus indeed have damaged souls.

Insert your own Potato Head joke here.

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18 Responses to ‘I Have Done Some Research’

  1. spotthedog says:

    There never actually was a Mrs. Potato Head, it was always Mr. Potato Head in drag.

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  2. sos says:

    If there is ONE WEIRD injury that I just CANNOT, no, WILL NOT abide it’s mental injuries to my body!

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  3. Thus proving that every surgeon and OR nurse ever is a soulless demon , of course.

    I have, in the past worked with highly carcinogenic chemicals (back in my longago daze as an analytic chemist), and had to wear a full-on respirator for 8 hours a day….for a couple memorable days doing so swathed in a tyvek bunny suit, double-gloves duct-taped to the bunnysuit, a respirator with charcoal and HEPA filtration…in a room maintained at 37° …

    (That’s 37°C…or 98.6° F for you metrically impaired.)

    My physical injuries were confined to a sore face whenre the respirator was pressed against it, and losing about 300 gallons of water through sweating…afaik no injuries were incurred to my soul, but what do I onow…I’m a godless heathen liberal.

    Who wears a fucking mask because there’s a fucking pandemic on, people!

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    • Jimmy T says:

      While doing medical research, I was lucky enough to have a good quality fume hood in my lab when toxic chemicals were in use. Only needed to wear gloves. Sounds like your experience was way more extreme than mine.

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      • Yeah in this case I was working with Poly-chlorinated biphenyls that we did NOT want to get out into the world, so no fume hood. Just a glove box.

        But I have had fun with fume hoods before; one time I was doing a soxhelet extraction (think fancy percolator) with ethyl ether. Fume hood was working properly, but due to the prevailing winds and such that day, the ether fumes were going from the hood stack to the air conditioning intake, so I ended up getting everyone in the building stoned on ether…

        Another time my boss was working with a selenium compoud that had the warning label : Warning: Exteme Stench; Characteristic odor of rotting radishes (and they meant it. Karam was wearing a respirator outside the hood, because he’d worked with this stuff before. )

        That was when we found out that when they built our lab (as an addition to the main building) the contractors vented the fume hood our the side of the building, not the roof.

        All the fumes rolled right into the nearby entrance to the parking garage and up into the rest of the building.

        We cleared the building in about 5 minutes…


  4. Martin Pollard says:

    What is it about Seditionists wanting to constantly expose themselves? Probably comes from the same fear of having things shoved down their throats, and in fact, it would explain their continued obsession with other peoples’ naughty parts.

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  5. lofgren says:

    You know who cares about non-binary toys?

    Non-binary people who want some representation in their toys, and…

    People who hate non-binary people.

    I keep seeing the desire for more representation for this group or that group as something that “the Left” wants. The Left does not want to be involved in this conversation at all! Non-binary people want non-binary toys. A toy company is happy to provide it for them. As far as Leftists are concerned, there is nothing further to discuss here. The only reason “Leftists” feel the need to get involved at all is because Republicans are so busy courting bigots that we’re forced to take a position on something that by all rights I should not have to care about at all, the same way I didn’t care about Mr. Potatohead for literally years and years at a time before now.

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  6. Jimmy T says:

    “I have done some research and would like to share with you the physical and emotional and even mental injuries to our bodies and possibly even our souls as healthy individuals are required to wear face masks.”
    I don’t know anything about the quality of your research. It sounds like you probed the darker recesses of your mind only to find a biased polity that happens to agree with the GQP (How Surprising). Again, up is down, black is white, and day is night. And of course masking and social distancing are antithetical to a free people, nevermind the prevailing evidence, which you conveniently ignore…

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  7. pagan in repose says:

    Potato Heads everywhere please accept my apology But…repulicans are now the “Party of Mr. Potato Head.” That’s “Mr” as in the “We hate girls club” Mr.

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  8. Wesley Sandel says:

    I have done some research and it proves that Hanks is a right-wing-nut-job a-shole of epic proportions.


  9. roket says:

    Has any of her colleagues considered censure or is that reserved for anti-Trumpers only these days?


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