Deadly Cynicism

“And my third point…”

It’s worth noting that as the clerks in the senate started reading out the  $1.9T Amero Trump-Virus relief bill, Senators left the chamber. Such is the way that the world’s greatest debate society actually works.

And when the poor clerks finish reading it out loud to an empty room, about 1400 Americans will die, per the WaPo.

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14 Responses to Deadly Cynicism

  1. Bruce388 says:

    When a senator requires a bill to be read aloud, that senator should be required to sit his/her ass down to listen to it.

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  2. He demanded this, he should be forced to stay and listen.

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  3. This is the day Democracy died! The complete Library of Congress can now be ordered read in its entirety before our elected officials. Total reading time? Somewhere over three hundred years.


  4. julesmomcat says:

    RoJo is an embarrassment to Badgers, everywhere!


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