Harassment And Hypocrisy

I’ve been asked my opinion of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo: he’s a thin-skinned, short-tempered jerk. I don’t like him, and I never have; I would not have voted for him in any primary (full disclosure: I cannot stand his brother, either, and frankly never understood the cult-like love for his father). He’s NY’s problem.

Oh, you mean the harassment story. Same answer, really. If he is a serial harasser then he needs to face repercussions for it (the Republicans would say he must be cancelled, because they learned a new word). But the big word in that sentence is the “if.”

Right Wingers tell me I’m a hypocrite. I see nothing hypocritical about this.

Of course the allegations need to be investigated and any wrongs found need to be righted. And yes, I generally believe women who say this has happened to them, and thus investigations are always appropriate to confirm. I would say the same thing if the victim/accuser is a man, btw. Or a Republican.

Sen. Al Franken was never given the chance to have an investigation (and defend himself) and the Virgin Mayor of Keg City Brett Kavanaugh had powerful Republicans block for him; Christina Blaisy Ford’s allegations are still out there in the ether.

I don’t see any parallels between those people and Cuomo except so far no one has been investigated. I don’t see anything hypocritical in my position. Let the process play out.

Get on it, NYers, this is your story.


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12 Responses to Harassment And Hypocrisy

  1. Milord Cutter says:

    I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing on a variety of blogs and news sites today, but I’m getting a fair amount of push back, some of it quite angry. From what I have seen so far and from what the women themselves are quoted as saying, I don’t see how this rises to the level of “sexual assault.” Awkward? Yep. Inappropriate? Yep. Creepy? Yep. Criminal? Nope. The last accuser, Ms. Ruch says he harassed her, but asking for a kiss, publicly at a crowded wedding reception does not qualify.


  2. Guess we’re supposed to obediently fall into line upon the uttered words “sexual harassment” but, it’s not gonna happen.
    I looked up the specific allegations and I can see why they’d rather just use the provocative “sexual allegations” -because the specifics are hardly even enough to warrant “sexual” or “harassment”.
    ” … (placed/put) his hand on my lower back -it was exposed” …. seriously?

    I almost feel bad for Cuomo and that is the real crime here.


  3. Ten Bears says:

    WTF is it with New Yawk? Needs a time out, sit-down and shut-up. I am as sick of (((America’s Governor))) – Cuomo, as I am (((America’s Mayor))) – Rudy. I’m from the Oregon High Desert and neither one of ’em nor for that matter to my experience anyone at all from New Yawk has ever done me a bit of good, and they’re sure as hell not my governor, not my mayor. Sit down, shut up, be seen and not heard. Better still, leave, go away, be not seen and not heard.

    Al Franken was never even investigated.

    All standards are double.

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  4. Jado says:

    In general GQPers will say that we are all hypocrites for not investigating or protesting these allegations (while we all call for investigations during our protests). They say we have a double standard for demanding consequences for GQPers while protecting Democrats (while we all call for investigations during our protests). They will say that this is just one more example of failed Democrat policies and that a $15/hr minimum wage is to blame (while we winder what the hell they are yammering about). And they will say that Q predicted this, and it is the end times for the USA Coporation (??).

    In other words, GQPers don’t CARE what the actual issue is, they don’t CARE what the procedures are, they don’t CARE about due process, they only know that THESE ARE THE CODE WORDS TO USE TO BERATE DEMOCRATS. CUOMO!! RESIGN!! MORALLY BANKRUPT!!

    Until the next issue crops up, real or imaginary, that they are instructed to use to berate Democrats.

    GQPers are all Grover Dill now, dancing to tunes played by their yellow-eyed masters

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  6. angry spittle says:

    Damnit. Quit putting Franken in this crap. Al Franken was posing as a fucking comedian years before he entered politics…… it was a gawddamned joke.


    • MDavis says:

      (posing as a comedian – hehe)
      A joke using forced perspective.
      And that was passed off as a use of force.
      And “everyone” went nutz.

      (Not everyone, but they said they were)
      And all the effort that went into multiple recounts and Republican tantrums that you can’t have voted This guy into office – crumbled.
      It’s still painful, and I don’t really see what the connection is either, except that no investigation into the allegations was allowed.


  7. I came back here because I want to amend my opinion (and position) on Cuomo. I thought at first it was a republican attack/set-up. I was wrong. 6 women, aide(s) included, I believe them.


    • MDavis says:

      He’s a jerk (mild, but…) but it’s still a republican attack. Does it count as a set up when republicans doing worse than Cuomo get a pass and protection and a ‘get out of jail, free’ card but democrats get the treatment? Especially democrats who allegedly were actually telling the American citizenry what the latest updates on covid-19 were?


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