A Disturbance In The Farce

And here we go (again? Sure, why not): Some mook with a lot of money wants to be relevant:

Ex-tobacco exec bankrolls centrist third party

A new centrist political party is gaining steam, but records show it’s being largely financed by a single man: a former Philip Morris executive who helped steer the company through the tobacco wars of the 1990s.

Why it matters: The Serve America Movement is running candidates in a handful of states, banking on the appeal of a non-ideological party. The outsized financial influence of donor Charles W. Wall underscores the challenge of overcoming extreme partisan rancor with a process-focused political movement.

Prepare yourselves for a shock, Gentle Readers: The Lincoln Project is behind it! They are a gift that keeps on grifting.

What’s happening: Serve America was founded in 2017. It was initially led by some prominent “Never Trump” Republicans, Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen and former executive director Sarah Lenti.

  • The group eschews traditional policy platforms in favor of political process, with a focus on transparency, voting rights and political accountability.
  • SAM has state chapters in New York and Connecticut, and it ran or endorsed gubernatorial candidates in both states in 2018, drawing nearly 4% of the vote in Connecticut — significantly better than any other third party.
  • The party’s new executive chairman, former Republican Rep. David Jolly, is considering a 2022 run for Florida governor on the Serve America Movement ticket.

If you’ve been with MPS for a while, you already know that third parties don’t work in what is institutionally a two-party system. The existing parties made sure that the laws favor only two parties and that the cost of entry into that marketplace of ideas is onerous. Remember Traitor Joe Lieberman’s Third Way? It’s still around as a think tank, and you can bet they are getting moist thinking about this centerist BS.

Third parties split the vote and they never win, but they sure help others to lose. As Lord Damp Nut and the mouth-breathers of Possum Hollar continue to prove to us, they ain’t leaving Dear Leader, so most likely this SAM will draw from the Left because: ideals.

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7 Responses to A Disturbance In The Farce

  1. sos says:

    Follow the money!

    My prediction?

    Charles W. Wall >>$$$$$$$$>> Reed Galen and Sarah Lenti

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  2. Like Moths to a flame from a burning pile of money, I expect such luminaries as Mike Bloomfield, Howard Schultz to race to this new thing.

    and the trustfund progbros will all swoon.

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    • tengrain says:

      I’m waiting for Glennzilla to endorse. That’s all it takes to know when it is a full-throated plan to destroy the left.



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  3. also, TG, you had a minor typo:

    They are a grift that keeps on grifting.

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  4. Big Bad bald Bastard says:

    Serve America, to the plutocrats, on a platter.

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  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

    And when they say centrist party they mean ever so slightly to the left of the extreeeeeeme right.

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