You Say Po-Tat-O….

Potato Head Family

Last night, when I fired up the ol’ electric twitter machine, I noticed  that Meghan McCain was again trending along with Potato Head. “Redundant,” thought I, and did not pursue whatever it was that SoyBlo did.

Anyway, imagine my surprise this morning on the Axios email thingie:


Mr. Potato Head brand goes gender neutral

After 70 years, Hasbro boxes will be branded “Potato Head” rather than “Mr. Potato Head” starting this fall, in an effort to make sure “all feel welcome in the Potato Head world,” AP reports.

  • The new playset will let kids create potato families that include two moms or two dads.

Why it matters: Many toymakers have been updating classic brands, hoping to relate to today’s kids and reflect more modern families.

I’m sure I’ll read about GQP wailing over potato-family values and the decline and fall of Western Civilization because the spuds have gone trans or whatevs. Let’s lobby to give the taters the RuPaul make-over, or perhaps some leather daddy couture, and get the GQP to feel conflicted in their nethers.

I still do not know what SoyBlo did, but good on Hasbro.

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11 Responses to You Say Po-Tat-O….

  1. spotthedog says:

    Let the chips fall where they may. As far as I’m concerned things went to hell when they changed to utilizing a fake plastic potato instead of the real thing.

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  2. The one I had as a kid had all the parts for both Mr and Mrs potato head; I’d always figured Hasbro separated them into different kits to make more money selling them.

    And the plastic potatoes didn’t let you make horrible hellbeasts/Start Trek Transporter accidents like a real potato, (at least until you got busy with the awl from Dad’s toolbox) but they also kept Mom to yell at us about wasting food.

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  3. Redhand says:

    Perhaps they will be offering anatomically correct plug-ins for the plastic potatoes so the kids can choose the kind of family they want to have!


  4. Ten Bears says:

    Why is that bimbo on teevee? Alcohol is bigger than oil and she’s the biggest alcohol heiress in the business, bigger than Liz Cheney is in oil, bigger than the Virgin Mary is in … well, so she don’t need the money. She’s not doing daddy’s reputation any good, mama really should shut her down. She’s not nearly as boney as the rest of the Megyn Kelly boney, neurotic looking no doubt sexual frustrated look-alikes on teevee. Surly (see that) her bombast isn’t that big of a ratings boost!?

    Did I mention she’s an airhead. My daughter’s real blonde, not airhead.


  5. julesmomcat says:

    Love is love, no matter who it is between. And it’s up to no one else to
    judge whether it is right or wrong. Love is always above all other
    thoughts, beyond criticism, not subject to any critique.

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  6. retiredeng says:

    Won’t someone think of the tots!!

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  7. glitterbug says:

    They should have renamed it Potato Head FAMILY, making the inevitable wingnut attack look even more stupid.

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  8. Another Kiwi says:

    People at work were groaning about this yesterday so I asked what genders are there in potatoes and things got a bit quieter.

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