The Fight is On.

Here Lies American Democracy

Hey guys, you know that we’re still only in February of 2021, right? The second month of the year, the first full (short) month of President Handsome Joe Biden’s administration.

Mother Jones tells us that Republicans have already introduced 253 bills to restrict voting access in 42 states this year:

After record turnout in 2020, Republican-controlled states appear to be in a race to the bottom to see who can pass the most egregious new barriers to voting.

According to a new analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice, 253 bills to restrict voting access have been introduced in 43 states already this year. Georgia is ground zero for the GOP’s escalating war on voting, targeting the voting methods that were used most by Democratic voters in 2020 and which contributed to flipping the state blue and electing two Democratic senators.

They know that they cannot win on their merits, so they want to ensure that everyone else loses. And now that the GQP is no longer about politics but is instead Hair Füror’s cult of personality, the stakes are greater. They can cripple Handsome Joe in 2022 and then install TFG to be TPGA (the present guy again).

We need a Stacey Abrams… everywhere.


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  1. MDavis says:

    “We need a Stacey Abrams… everywhere.”
    We need a reboot of federal voting rights laws. Then the state-by-state fuckery will by harder to pull off.

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