It Begins


The betting window on when the indictments begin is open!

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  1. sos says:

    Millions of pages

    Chaff? Or is this typical for a below-average mob boss?

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    • Standard tactic: if you lose on providing discovery, bury them in paper.

      Rachel asked a former NY white-collar crimes prosecutor about “How are they going to go through all this?” the day the SCOTUS ruled.

      “High speed scanners, high-end OCR and AI search tools means this is actually pretty easy nowadays.”

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      • osirisopto says:

        Yes. SOP.

        But with the moran in charge of the trump shitshow it’s basically answering questions that weren’t asked.

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      • MDavis says:

        Evidence that he is familiar with this tactic – those stacks of blank pages in a bunch of unlabeled manila folders sitting on a table next to the podium during that news conference in 2016 claiming that this was all in service of handing off his businesses to people not beholden to him in preparation for running the dam country.
        He’s done it before then, he knows this routine. Those scanners a a new trick he might not be familiar with, yet. If not, if the lawyers have hidden anything from the AI, I’d bet there would be hundreds of volunteers who are rated and bonded and willing to go through hundreds of pages by hand, just to make sure nothing is missed.

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      • That Cy Vance has hired (temporarily, for this case) one of the premier White Collar crime prosecutor/defense attorney people in the world for this case would indicate he’s going to be wise to any of the tricks Mazars might have pulled, or tried to pull. (even if it’s pre-emptive hire to keep him off the market)

        TPG is too used to fighting legal battles with people he can bully and bullshit and drown in paper and legal costs.

        Vance has an essentially unmlimited budget and probably the best WC criminal prosecutors who are not in the SDNY US attorney’s office.

        This ain’t some hapless subcontractor or investor group he’s dealing with.

        And, thanks to his bottomless ID and hubris over the last four years, he probably cannot hire any lawyers who could competently defend him even if he could pay them, and the ones who will work for him are, to put it mildly, cranks.

        Javanka may be able to hire decent representation to keep their asses out of the grinder, but TPG probably can’t.

        And Eric and DJTJR…oh, they fuuuuucked if they come up in this investigation.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    That’s the best news since he lost the election. I do hope they finally nail this slimy bastard. His contempt for the law is well documented, and he needs incarceration.

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