Nation Stunned: Fox News Propagandist Agrees With RoJo

I know that the FCC does not have any jurisdiction over cable, but this sort of misinformation and propaganda would get a broadcaster’s license pulled:

Got that? Someone actually agrees with Sen. Ron Johnson that the Stupid Coup was NOT an armed revolution. It’s not surprising that Teevee Dinner Heir would defend White Supremacists (and note that he offers no support for that assertion), that’s his demographic, but he is also factually wrong as Black Capitol Police officers tell us themselves.

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4 Responses to Nation Stunned: Fox News Propagandist Agrees With RoJo

  1. The cops beaten with sticks and poles would certainly question that ‘This was not an armed insurrection’ bit.

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  2. Stony Pillow says:

    Not falling for the focus group-honed “armed insurrection”. It was an insurrection. They used flagpoles, fire extinguishers and their fists and boots. Arguing about “armed insurrection is conceding the Republicans are half right, since nobody fired a gun. This is weapons grade gaslighting.

    “It doesn’t matter what’s on my phone. I never slept with her!!!” And lo, the wife loses the argument.

    The unholy stink of January 6th will endure forever, folks. No matter how Republicans lie.

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