Knock it off, Eiron (The Goddess of Irony)!

Proud Boy Lite Sen. Josh Hawley (GQP-MO)

Scissorhead MDavis caught this:

Eiron, take the rest of the day off. Please.

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5 Responses to Knock it off, Eiron (The Goddess of Irony)!

  1. Why not, he served as a juror on his co-conspirator’s trial.

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  2. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. Hawley sent out a fund raising plea before the hearings, and is using the hearings to claim the Democrats are spreading misinformation. He is the victim in all this you understand? He needs you to send him money asap to save the nation. Hugs

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  3. Lord Damp Nut says:

    He’s just the guy we need to ask the hard questions and get to the bottom of this. He will find out why there was a failure by the Capitol Police to escort the Patriots to the Traitor Pence and Nasty Nancy. STOP THE STEEL!

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  4. roket says:

    It’s not nice to remind us pleabs every frigging day that in this country Senators are above the law. Especially republican ones. It’s getting really frigging old.

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