Dad of the Year, Redux

Ted Cruz smells his record.

When last we checked-in with christian grifter Senator and Ayatollah Ted Cruz, he was flying back from dropping off the kiddies (10- and 12-year olds), as they insisted on a vacay, and like an in-charge Republican Senator facing both a pandemic and natural disaster, he used his children as human shields:

Oh, wait: that was parody.

Gentle Readers, prepare yourselves for a shock! It seems it might not be exactly true!

His wife Heidi (infamously immortalized by Lord Damp Nut as a “dog” and if silence gives consent, agreed to by Ted) is Goldman Sachs executive and is probably is capable of escorting her kids on a plane  was on the trip, too, so his story about escorting the kids was already leaking water.

And we now know that Heidi-the-Hound actually was planning the trip:

…because left to their own devices, what 10- and 12-year old kid would not choose the [checks notes] Ritz Carlton for a fun family beach escape? Also, we see that the return trip was scheduled for Sunday.

So this was probably misdirection? Sure:

Anyway, Ayatollah Ted has seen the error of his way and arrived in Texas and asked for a police escort (I wonder why?):

And now let’s listen as he tries a half-assed mea culpa:


UPDATE 1: What a freakin’ monster:

Ted Cruz Abandons Millions of Freezing Texans and His Poodle, Snowflake

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14 Responses to Dad of the Year, Redux

  1. laura says:

    The father of the year prize had better be a bottomless bag of salted dicks.

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  2. sos says:

    Ted can eat my whole butt.

    But I must admit that choosing those particular police officers was slimming.

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  3. julesmomcat says:

    So, what will he do for an encore, on 20 June/Father’s Day?

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  4. YellowDog says:

    Cruz is Trump without a personality, or any human qualities. Trump at least protects his immediate family (publicly; privately he screws his siblings and nieces and nephews and has to be coerced by Melania to provide for his youngest son). Cruz might be one of those shape-shifting lizards the QNuts go on about.

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  5. Lsamsa says:

    If it’s not ‘thoughts and prayers’ or ‘that isn’t who we are’ or ‘I was just trying to do the best for my loved ones’…then it’s ‘I just don’t want this to be a distraction from the very important work that we care about and need to get on with’.
    Change the channel…voters that is what you need to do. Seriously.

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    • R White says:

      Nope. Not going to feel sorry for texan’s current shitty situation. Your average Texan had plenty of time before Election Day as well as easy online resources like a majority of ‘muricans to make informed judgements when voting and yet both groups continue to vote against their interests when they vote the state & federal level. How else can you justify them putting a morally bankrupt fiend like raphael into the antiquated senate. Could’ve voted for Beto, but according to real progressives, he wasn’t pure enough.


  6. Ten Bears says:

    Now I feel really bad … for the poodle.


  7. donnah says:

    Lots to unpack here, ha ha, pun intended.

    Cruz is arrogant and conceited enough to believe he can do whatever he wants to and not be judged or charged for it. He’s not contrite now; he would find another way to do it given the opportunity, and he resents being mocked, although he so richly deserves not just mockery, but some serious retribution. It won’t happen, but he deserves to be humiliated.

    Consider that not only did he skip out on the people who needed his help more than ever before in their lives, he did so without any backup plans to help them. And he lied about his trip and came back early just because he was ashamed by getting caught.

    And let’s not forget that he broke all sorts of rules about Covid, taking his family to Mexico without quarantine…and he screwed his own poor pooch!

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  8. spotthedog says:

    His t-shirt says “I went to Cancun and all I got was this lousy Public Relations Disaster”.

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  9. MDavis says:

    Heidi planned that whole trip? They deserve each other.

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  10. Bruce388 says:

    I saw something somewhere that on the way to Mexico Cancun Cruz tried to upgrade his seat to first class. Only his seat. Only saw it once, but it’s really a Cruzian move.

    Heidi Cruz isn’t ugly, IMHO, and she deserved a defense against that former guy’s insult. And she deserves a better husband than CC, but we all make mistakes.

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