Coup Klux Klan Is Gonna Burn the GOP To The Ground

Get The Marshmallows

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie breathlessly leads with this gossip above the fold (as we olds used to say):

SCOOP: House Minority Whip STEVE SCALISE (R-La.) made the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday to meet with the King of the GOP while fundraising in the area. The trip by the No. 2 House Republican comes weeks after Minority Leader KEVIN MCCARTHY’S sit-down with DONALD TRUMP there last month, and it shows Scalise’s loyalty to the departed president is unshaken. Unlike McCarthy, who called for Trump’s censure after Jan. 6 then moved to patch things up, Scalise, a longtime Trump supporter, never endorsed a formal rebuke of the ex-president.

And of course they note what everyone already knows:

The trip underscores that the top two House Republicans are now hitching their wagons to Trump, even as Senate Minority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL and LIZ CHENEY (R-Wyo.), the No. 3 House Republican, have ditched him.

We’re not sure why this Wins The Morning, but you know, slow day for gossip?

Meanwhile, the NYTimes tells us:

“The strategy appeared twofold: Don’t stoke a full-on revolt by Trump supporters the party needs by voting to convict, but demonstrate to anti-Trump Republicans — particularly big donors — that he recognized Mr. Trump’s failings and is beginning to steer the party in another direction.”

“But it did not exactly produce the desired result. Instead, it has drawn Mr. McConnell into a vicious feud with the former president… And it has left some Republicans bewildered over Mr. McConnell’s strategy and others taking a harder line, saying the leader whose focus was always the next election had hurt the party’s 2022 prospects.”

“The miscalculation has left Mr. McConnell in an unusual place — on the defensive, with Mr. Trump pressing for his ouster, and no easy way to extricate himself from the political bind.”

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Lord Damp Nut escaped conviction in the Senate due to amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell’s treachery, but LDN is too stupid to know that and too self-involved to care because: Loyalty Ave is a one-way street.

I wonder if Mitch realizes that the Coup Klux Klan is gonna target him to prove their loyalty to Lord Damp Nut?

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6 Responses to Coup Klux Klan Is Gonna Burn the GOP To The Ground

  1. Jimmy T says:

    I don’t see Moscow Mitch being around much longer anyway. The guy is 78 y.o., and just got elected to another six year term. That will make him 84 if he crawls to the end of his term. No worries though, Kentucky will find another candidate under a rock somewhere…

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  2. Uhh, the most of the big-money donors are full-on Trumpers…witness the hapless doofus who gave $2M to the effort to overthrow the election.

    Also, too. the BIG money ain’t coming from the big-money donors…it’s coming from the MAGAt base…and LDN is wetting his beak on that.

    Granted it’s wetting his beak like a goddamn pelican

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  3. I recall Scalise, when he was just starting out in the Louisiana legislature, referred to himself as “David Duke without the baggage.” Some things never change.

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  4. R White says:

    Some people add nothing to society. It’s a shame that the gay AA DC policewoman failed to allow such an angry and fearful bag of pus to bleed out…

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    WOW! Now you can hitch your falling-down, busted-up wagon to not just one, but TWO! COUNT ‘EM, TWO! flaming-out meteoroids. (Which are like the hemorrhoids of the meteors.)

    I think that claiming loyalty and fealty to either figurehead is only going to cause more fractious activity within the Rethuglikkkan Party, resulting in the weakening of the Brand, and forcing lifelong Rethugs to either flee the Party, or to join the GQP side, or the Other Guys’s. Which means poorer turnout at the polls, and should give the Dims some easy victories.

    But going into an election with that pre-conceived notion is how we almost lost our majority this last election, and most certainly in 2018.


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