Birds of a Feather

Roger Stone: Never Laid Again?

Six Oath Keepers who provided security for Roger Stone on January 5 or 6, stormed the Capitol during the Stupid Coup:

The Times reviewed hundreds of videos and photos, as well as research from the Capitol Terrorist Exposers, that showed the six people, all associated with the Oath Keepers, guarding Stone on Jan. 5 and 6 and later inside the Capitol during the breach.

Stone made two public appearances on Jan. 5, near the Supreme Court and later by the White House, during which five of the individuals were seen providing security for Trump’s longtime friend, according to video analyzed by the Times. One of the people identified by the Times drove Stone in a golf cart that afternoon.

Footage shows Stone outside the Willard InterContinental hotel the following morning ahead of the raid, while accompanied by the sixth individual singled out in the report, in his only public appearance.


Gee, it’s a good thing Nixon Fan-boi Roger Stone doesn’t have any kind of history of carrying out twice-impeached LOSER Prznint Stupid’s obvious criminal orders, or this might look bad for the pardoned con.

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