Neat! Sweet! Petite!

Guys, what a day: Wednesday Addams is getting her own series.

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  1. Jroc says:

    A few years ago Melissa Hunter made some excellently dark Adult Wednesday Addams shorts. One featured Kiel the mystery diner. I implore you to check them out on YouTube, and then plead with others to watch them too. Melissa Hunter deserves a cameo and a job helping to write this series. She is clearly a talented fan who can become a great asset to this project.

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    • Martin Pollard says:

      I love those! I made sure to download every last one of them before what I feared would happen eventually did happen: the Charles Addams estate did a DMCA and forced YouTube to take them down. 😢 Since then, it looks like someone else (not Melissa) uploaded some of them again, and I found one 20-minute video of the entire first season spliced together. If anyone is curious and wants to check them out, you’d better hurry. Just search for “Adult Wednesday Addams.”

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