Always Screen Your Lawyers

H/T @NamelessCynic of the Tweeterverse

I think that there’s a life lesson in that sign, but I’m not a lawyer (or a cat).

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5 Responses to Always Screen Your Lawyers

  1. osirisopto says:

    I’m sorry but a cat may deny being an attorney, but they would never deny being a cat.
    There are too many perks to the role.

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  2. Doug says:

    Couldn’t find a contact link on the MPS site so I’m putting it here: Just a little thing about birds.

    Keep up the good work


  3. spotthedog says:

    I’ve figured it out; its cats who have been trying to get us to freak out over lizard-people all this time, that was their devious plan!


  4. Jimmy T says:

    A cat in our neighborhood got arrested recently. Apparently it was the purrpatrator…

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  5. Ten Bears says:

    You know that old thing about so many lawyers you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one? Well, first off that’s pretty unfair to cats and don’t even like cats (we have an agreement) but more importantly cats are long. Average housecat stretched out is a good thirty-six, forty inches nose to tail. A rat on the other hand, but for them big grain rats out in I Oh Way, rats are short. Even a big rat won’t make much more than twenty inches. So the more accurate descriptor is “you can’t swing a dead rat without hitting one.”

    Which is to say there’s too damned many of ’em.


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