‘Fiddle-Dee-Dee,’ Part Infinity

Sir, you are no gentleman.

Senatorette Lindsey Graham:

“The biggest winner of this whole impeachment trial is Lara Trump. My dear friend Richard Burr, who I like and have been friends to a long time, just made Lara Trump almost the certain nominee for the Senate seat in North Carolina to replace him if she runs, and I certainly will be behind her because she represents the future of the Republican Party.”

Professional courtesy is always trumped by kompromat.

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7 Responses to ‘Fiddle-Dee-Dee,’ Part Infinity

  1. julesmomcat says:

    Oh, GEEZ – PLEEZE! NOT another T-RUMP!

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  2. ali redford says:

    Boy-oh-boy, his nose is so brown I can see it all the way here in southern KS. What a drip. I think it’s time for his non-Republican US Senate colleagues to stop being collegial. Or even congenial.

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  3. Redhand says:

    The Ramora is firmly attached to the Shark.

    The shark and remora relationship benefits both species. Remoras are able to eat scraps of prey dropped by the shark. They also feed off of parasites on the shark’s skin and in its mouth. One species is even known to consume feces from the host.

    Ms. Lindsey clearly belongs to that last species. This helps explain why he is always so full of shit.

    Re Lara Trump, it’s perhaps worth pointing out that Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Benito had a fairly long career as a right-wing politician in Italy.

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    Courtesy Zandar, Lindsayyyyy Graham … Cracker

    Bless his little heart

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  5. w3ski4me says:

    Another remora for the body politic. She is scary. Hard eyes and too quiet. Plus, she didn’t seem to get dirty in the attempted coup.
    No more tRumps, of any kind, ever.

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