The 4th Reich Is Panicked


Calling witnesses seems to have caused a high-pitched squeal out of Merde-a-Lardo.

As you know, the Stable Genius was calling Republicans during the Stupid Coup, who begged him to call off his orcs and minions. That’s submittable.

Here’s the dealio: the Republicans will not convict Lord Damp Nut, no matter what evidence and testimony is presented. We know this.

BUT… the court of public opinion might convict the Republicans and all of it could be wrapped up with a bow for a criminal court. It’s clear beyond a doubt that twice-impeached loser ex-Prznint Stupid incited a riot.

The Coup Klux Klan were not expecting the Dims to fight.

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4 Responses to The 4th Reich Is Panicked

  1. Redhand says:

    Even if the gutless GOP Senate votes to acquit, this will clearly damage them. An acquittal won’t pass the smell test with a large majority of voters, IMO. We’re definitely in “Carrying a good joke too far” territory with this development.

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    • spotthedog says:

      Right. “The court of public opinion might convict the Republicans” – exactly why its worth the effort despite knowing the expected outcome.

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    • I have little faith it will convince the voters of shit. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood, but it feels like a near-majority of voters in this country are monsters who consistently vote for other monsters.

      We need to get more people to vote, but the monsters own the state legislatures in too many places.

      Here in the TSKoA the State Senate the GQP holds a 1-person majority, in the House it’s 2; and they’re proposing laws that would allow a minority of legislators to overturn the popular vote for president, and declare than no existing laws apply to them, retroactively in their quest to ‘prove’ that the 2020 election here was fraudulent.

      And these are not nutcase rabid brain-wormed back-benchers, but the leadership of the Senate proposing these laws.

      In the last session they held similarly slim majorities and they literally locked the Democrats out of the budget negotiations. Seriously. They called a caucus meeting, locked the doors of the legislature and put together the state budget, then presented it as a up-or-down vote fait accompli. and this was when we had a ‘normal’ GOP, not the openly crazed neofascist cult we have today.

      There ARE NO NON-MONSTER REPUBLICANS. There haven’t been for a long, long time.


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  2. Jimmy T says:

    In the court of sane public opinion you are correct, but in the GQP? Not sure its worth the effort, for their dealing with a perverted reality…


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