Guess What, Media? The Country is United!

Missing the Story

News at 11.

Our failed political press does it again:

83% of the cats in this ungovernable country are herded, President Handsome Joe Biden is enjoying a Democrats-NOT-in-disarray approval rating of [checks notes] 98% and our failed political press is ignoring it?

(The last link is to PressRun, which is Eric Boehlert’s excellent media criticism project. Support him if you can, it’s worth it.)

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7 Responses to Guess What, Media? The Country is United!

  1. lofgren says:

    If Biden doesn’t implement the plan favored by the 17%, it’s his fault this country is so divided.

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  2. tengrain says:

    Seriously, he should just ram this relief bill through and let the GQP explain why they opposed what 83% of the country wants.

    2022 awaits!


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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    To be fair, anybody who came in after the last administration would probably get an automatic 20% boost in approval rating just for NOT being Lord Damp Nut.


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