RIP, Larry Flynt

Look, he was a complicated person, and there’s so much more to him than a pornographer, and it feels weird to call him a first amendment hero, and yet here I am.

Instructive Quote from Mr. Flynt:

“If the First Amendment will protect a scumbag like me, then it will protect all of you. Because I’m the worst.”

No matter what you may think of his profession, I think his vocation was significant and we all owe him a moment of silence. He made a difference.

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  1. schmice3 says:


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  2. utahsimple says:

    I agree.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    His 21-gun salute is going to be… uhhhhh… unusual.

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    I was wondering about him just the other day, was honest about what he did.

    It’s like drugs, supply the demand. Down through all the years, including a couple year stint “counseling”, I have maintained drug and alcohol abuse are not the problem, drug and alcohol abuse are a symptom of the problem. If The Church didn’t have the ignorants’ heads so twisted they wouldn’t “need” porn, there wouldn’t be a demand for porn, a market for it. The “bible belt” is the world’s largest purveyors of porn. Invisible Hand of the Market, he saw an opportunity and not only capitalized on it but made it pretty damned clear that was exactly what he was doing.

    Refreshingly honest. Go In Peace

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  5. moeman says:

    “Hold my beer” – rush limbaugh


  6. In 1984, but I collected and archived the issue where “Hustler” celebrated Frank Zappa’s new album “Thingfish.” It originally was supposed to have produced as a Broadway musical.
    I had it for a long time, but it disappeared, and I have NO idea where it went. I still play the “Thingfish” album EVERY year during Zappadan (12/3-12/24).


  7. Green Eagle says:

    If Larry Flynt really thought he was the worst, he was a very naive person.


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