The Boys Who Cried Unity

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The LATimes: gives us a small amount of hope:

“Biden and his advisors say two experiences during the administration of Barack Obama have shaped their actions. One is the economic stimulus bill of 2009, which they trimmed to $787 billion in hopes of winning GOP support. The measure wasn’t big enough to jump-start the economy, and unhappy voters revolted against Democrats in the 2010 midterm election.”

“The second experience was Obama’s fruitless search for bipartisan support on his healthcare legislation in 2010, a months-long quest that nearly torpedoed the entire bill. Biden said it was ‘an easy choice’ to avoid similar negotiations this time.”

“His calculation is straightforward: In 2022, voters are more likely to remember whether he delivered enough aid to revive the economy than whether the bill passed with Republican votes.”

The Boy Who Cried Wolf might be the analog here: you cannot trust Republicans who bleat about UNITY! and then actively obstruct. I’ll take it on face-value that the Biden Administration learned from the mistakes of the Kenyan Usurper: you cannot negotiate with bad faith actors.

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10 Responses to The Boys Who Cried Unity

  1. R White says:

    Stenographers of the worthless beltway media were so certain that a Biden administration would be a 5th Clinton term that took its directives straight from the wall st. masters of the universe like Jamie Dimon & Larry Summers (another supply-side failed economist). Biden has shown a lot of promise thus far by turning a deaf ear to Summer’s cries of hyperinflation & cruel partisan rule by pushing the COVID relief bill forward with a non-negotiable set of stimulus checks


    • Oh today’s rag had an editorial by Ramesh Ponnouru telling us all about how Joe is gonna lose the radical left of the Democrat Party by not doing anything they want, because bipartisan unity and such.

      I ALWAYS look to the editor of “National Review” and a fellow of the AEI to tell me the inside scoop on that nefarious “Democrat Party”….

      But thankfully Ol’ Handsome Joe seems to be channeling FDR not Reagan Clinton and is moving on the assumption that doing things that are popular with the dirty fucking hippies the actual PEOPLE is probably a good move politically….

      I, personally, am looking forward to the refreshing flow of tears from the GQP…

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Summers is an argument for the radical redistribution of wealth.

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    • tengrain says:

      Summers could settle the long-standing dispute: Are the rich really well-marbled?

      I want him in the proverbial stew pot after the revolution.



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  3. The only good Republican is one who’s been soundly beaten in the voting booth!

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  4. Jimmy T says:

    Politics is a game of hard knocks. If your not willing to give ’em, then you most assuredly will get ’em…

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  5. roket says:

    Think of where we’d be now if Dems adopted this attitude about 30 years ago. When they should have.

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