Get Thee Hence!

The blogger at work: Presses enter, then spots the typo!

Our Sunday tradition continues!

Where does our pal Infidel753 find all these fantabulous blogs? What dark majicks does he perform to come-up with such a list, week-after-week? Who is he in league with? Has he sold his soul to Old Scratch (and if so, what was the price?) – we demand ANSWERS!

Meanwhile, if you fear of eternal damnation, friend of the blog Scottie’s Toy Box has the morning funnies all together! This must be a labor of love!

And if sly and wry commentary is your thing (and if it is not, WHY?! hmmm), Fair and Unbalanced has a superb collection of links.

And bringing up the rear, today is my last day at Mike’s Blog Round-Up at Crooks and Liars for this go-round.

[As required by law and custom, this post will be on top today, and fresher posts —if any!— will be below the fold, as it were — The Management]

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2 Responses to Get Thee Hence!

  1. Infidel753 says:

    Has he sold his soul to Old Scratch

    Nah, I got him to agree to just rent it.

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  2. Scottie says:

    Hello TG. Thanks for the shout out. I do love the cartoons / memes. Hugs


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