The Choice is the GQPs To Make

Rep. Greene
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Today’s the day that the GQP face the Kobayashi Maru unwinnable scenario. Our pals at Electoral Vote phrase it so well:

Now Democrats see a golden opportunity to put all the Republicans in the House on the spot. They will force a vote today on removing Greene from all her committee assignments. Any Republican who votes “yes” can expect to be primaried in 2022. Any Republican, say named, Smith, who votes “no” can expect the Democrat in the general election to run against the Smith/Greene ticket. In districts so red that a Republican who was found in bed with dead girl and a live boy could still win, the incumbent will vote “no” and take his chances on the general election. But Republicans in pinkish districts have to worry about a primary. This is not a vote anyone in the Republican caucus wants, but Democrats are forcing it on them—for precisely that reason.

House Minority Leader K-Mac could have taken action against Greene to send the message that the Republican Party is still the principled party of Lincoln and small gubmint but looking around his caucus (Hi Gohmert! Hi Gaetz! Hi Gym Jordan!), he instead decided to send a message that, actually, the GQP is the party of unhinged and violent conspiracists without a core set of values other than to serve The Stable Genius.

Anyway, today they have a choice: do they go on record disavowing Q, or do they vote for the Q-spiracy Lady who:

  • Believes in QAnon, the conspiracy theory that Democrats, Hollywood, and other elites are running a Satanic pedophile cannibalism cult that Donald Trump was working to shut down (through secret arrests and unwitnessed executions)
  • Insisted there’s no evidence that a plane crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11
  • Blamed the California wildfires on [checks notes] Jewish laser beams from space
  • Called for Nancy Pelosi to be executed for treason
  • Has variously claimed that school shootings were false flag operations, AND that Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton wanted school shootings to happen so [checks notes again] that they could get gun control legislation passed
  • Harassed David Hogg, a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, screaming at him on the street that he was a “coward” who was using children to further anti-gun initiatives

This should be exciting.

UPDATE 1: from Tiger Beat’s even more gossipy email thingie (now with extra gossip):

For some of Greene’s GOP critics, it helped that the Georgia Republican apologized to the conference for her past rhetoric about 9/11 and school shootings being hoaxes and other QAnon-adjacent conspiracies that she previously peddled, which earned her a standing ovation from some members who described her remarks as articulate.

Per our friends at Playbook, Greene told a story about a dark point in her life when she turned to QAnon, which she acknowledged was a mistake and said she was sorry for how her past statements were affecting her new colleagues.

But how much is she really owning up? Your Huddle host attempted to ask her various times why say one thing privately and other things publicly. Why not share her denouncements publicly? Her answer? Nada from the congresswoman who wears a “Censored” mask. Meanwhile, her colleagues are saying she should say this loud enough that everyone can hear…

HITTING THE GREENE: It is safe to say, this won’t change anything for House Democrats who have yet to hear Greene publicly come clean, and who are pressing forward with a vote on Thursday to strip Greene of her committee assignments.

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7 Responses to The Choice is the GQPs To Make

  1. sos says:

    Trump saved her from Q-spiracy?
    She grew up and out of her Q-trainers?
    Previous “Economic Instability” (now vanquished)?

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    IMHO, the vote is a foregone conclusion, just like LDN’s acquittal in the Senate is a foregone conclusion. In both cases, the silver lining is putting the Seditionists on the spot, and on the record, with how they stand. You’re either in favor of sanity and the Constitution, or you’re not; there’s no middle ground, there’s no Both Sides™.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    I’m thinking there’s too much Greene house gas in the environment…

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  4. Sirius Lunacy says:

    So the GOP Representatives have reached a point where they are impressed enough to give a standing ovation because one of their colleagues is articulate? Four years of Damp Nut has clearly taken its toll.

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  5. MDavis says:

    As long as we’re looking at pressures on the GOP, I’d like to note that some counties in the beautiful (hot, dry and sandy) American Southwest (I hear it is the same in the American Southeast) where voting options are Republican or Farther Right Parties. If some Republicans split off and run as traditional Republicans, whatever name they use, that would give those counties a more liberal option on the ballot.


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