Play Date For MTG and DJT?

Rep. Greene
(File Photo: Twitter)

That disturbance in The Farce you felt is probably Tiger Beat giving us the exciting news that Rep. Greene (Q-Georgeduh) says she will be meeting with Lord Damp Nut, soon. I picture a play date with a couple of 2-year olds babbling at each other and ending in tears as one pounds the other one with blocks, and then paste-eating.

“I’m excited to go visit him soon and continue to give him a call and talk to him frequently. Great news is, he supports me 100 percent, and I’ve always supported him. President Trump is always here for the people, and he’s not going anywhere. So I look forward to, to joining him and what his future plans may be.”

Representatives for Trump did not return a request for comment. Nor did officials currently working with the former president. Reached for comment about whether there would actually be a meeting, a spokesperson for Greene replied: “The Congresswoman said it on tape… There’s nothing to confirm here. We do not discuss the details of private conversations of Rep. MTG.”

“…because everytime we do confirm what she said,” the representative did not add, “our phones ring off the hook with offers for butterfly nets, deals on Thorazine, and oddly, polo mallets.”

Anyway, we hope this happens. A spitballer lives for stories like this.

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10 Responses to Play Date For MTG and DJT?

  1. lofgren says:

    Guess I’m going to have to relearn my acronyms because I thought Trump was going to play Magic: The Gathering. Damn, he really does ruin everything.

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  2. sos says:

    That MTG rendering gives a bad name to bad clowns everywhere.

    Grade A nightmare fuel.

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  3. ohniner says:

    I heard some commentator suggest that rather than referring to her as MTG it would be preferable to refer to her (if we absolutely MUST do so at all) as REPUBLICAN Congresswoman Greene. Always emphasis on the “Republican.”

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  4. roket says:

    Obviously, they’re making plans for the really real for reels Q inauguration on 3/4. At the very least the Q coup attempt two.

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  5. julesmomcat says:

    Caution MTG: You going, enthusiastically, to visit DJT means that he sees your visit as wide-open permission for him to grab your pussy. That IS your motivation for going, is it not?

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  6. spotthedog says:

    Perhaps she has gotten the DNA test results back, now she knows who her real daddy is.

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