Report: Deadly SNAFU Totally Predictable

“Mind if I play thru?”

The MIT newsletter thingie explains the cluster-eff vaccine roll out:

The grand plan: The CDC ordered a brand-new, $44 million website called VAMS—the Vaccine Administration Management System, built by the consulting firm Deloitte. You probably haven’t heard of it, but it was supposed to be a one-stop-shop to manage the vaccine rollout across the US.

What actually happened: Instead, VAMS has hurt immunization efforts in various states. It is notorious for randomly canceled appointments, unreliable registration, and problems that lock staff out of the dashboard they’re supposed to use to log records. Many states have abandoned it and are choosing to hack together their own solutions, or pay for private systems instead.

What went wrong: As a huge federal contractor, Deloitte got a $16 million no-bid contract to build the system back in May and snagged another $28 million in December. The contracts claim the company was the only “responsible source” to build the tool. To some watchdogs, VAMS is the latest example of a broken system for building government technology. Read the full story.

Another item in their newsletter paints a similar picture:

People are fed up with broken vaccine appointment tools — so they’re building their own

The situation: Across the US, people are clamoring to get the hottest ticket of the season: an appointment for a covid-19 vaccination. The recommended method is to visit a local hospital website or call a hotline. But the results can be frustrating. Now, desperate people are taking matters into their own hands.

One story: Carri Carver spent hours trying to find her father an appointment, once he had qualified for a vaccine under Texas rules. Using her skills as a digital product designer, she built Covid19 Vaccine TX, a site that lets people upload information about vaccination sites. Carver built it, loaded the project on the cloud-based spreadsheet service Airtable, and posted a link on Reddit. It has received over 50,000 visitors.

One of many: Carver’s site is just one of many solutions created to help people book vaccine appointments—a volunteer effort to fill in the gaps in America’s creaking system. That everyday people are having to do what should be the government’s job is not lost on these volunteers. But most don’t see any use in complaining. Read the full story.

Prznint Stupid screwed the pornstar, er, pooch from the beginning and we’re still being eff’ed today. It’s a miracle anyone is getting vaccinated. Put this at his feet; President Handsome Joe Biden has nothing to do with this, but inevitably our failed political press will echo the GOP talking points and blame him.

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7 Responses to Report: Deadly SNAFU Totally Predictable

  1. Here in TSKoA every county is on it’s own. Maricopa County has a system run by (iirc) Banner Health, here in Pima it’s run by the county, but the actual site is managed by the University of Arizona College of Medicine, in conjunction with a local hospital system TMC, which is using their existing EPIC patient management system.

    The County launched the registration system in early January but they only managed to get the two systems properly talking to each other last week. ( I was finally able to get my mom signed up for her shot on 2/17)

    The University hospital which is another Banner Health hospital (yes, the UA sold off the only teaching hospital in the state to Banner Health to keep it running) has it’s own system but it’s for vaccinating their own staff only.

    It’s a shambolic clusterfuck wrapped in a shitshow covered in abject fail.

    And it’s not the County’s fault, because they like any rational organization were expecting that a national rollout of critical vaccinations during a pandemic would be managed above the individual county level, for some weird reason…

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Hiring contractors in whose interest it is to fuck things up the first time so they can bill out even more to come back and fuck things up “fix” it the second time is a time honored all-american tradition. Worked great on the Oregon Health Care website, they milked that sucker for three iterations.

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    • I knew in my bones that Corporate America was fucked when the friend of a co-worker graduated with a newly minted MIS degree, then was promptly hired as a “Consultant” by Arthur Anderson. Time was a “consultant” was someone who knew a little, at least when and when not to use the Stack Exchange API.


  3. laura says:

    DeLoot makes sure the check clears. That public agencies continue to shower cash on contractors is one of the many reasons we cant have nice things. Just hire qualified staff and have some ownership/accountability. It ain’t rocket surgery.

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Republicans run on the theory that government can’t function and, when elected, make sure that government can’t function. I can’t believe any voters are stupid enough to fall for this.


  5. pwarten says:

    What went wrong: As a huge federal contractor, Deloitte got a $16 million no-bid contract

    Nearly every broken public service at the state and federal level has been due to companies winning “no-bid” contracts by their buddies in halls of power to perform services they can’t prove will work, and in the end make things far more expensive to get better-prepped and capable companies to clean up the godless messes down the line.

    No-Bid contracts need to fcking die in a fire.


  6. artahzen says:

    I am in California. I signed up for the email from for upcoming appointments. I got one on Sunday 1/24 and followed the link right then. I got an appointment for Tuesday 1/26 at 1030a at a drive thru clinic at an educational center 10 minutes from my house. I was in line at 959a, and had my shot at 1024a. After waiting 15 minutes to make sure I was ok, I left at 1039a for home with a follow up appointment already made for the same place on 2/16 for the second dose. It was very efficient and quick, everyone was very nice and it was easy. We had no protesters and drove thru almost non stop. I hope the 16th is the same.


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