Eric Trump Made A MAGA Bet

Making America Dumb Again

The brain trust of the Trump Organization, Twizzler put some Quatloos where his yap is.
New York Times:

“Flying home on Air Force One from the final campaign event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the early hours of Nov. 3., Mr. Trump’s son Eric proposed an Electoral College betting pool. He wagered that the president would win at least 320 electoral votes, according to a person present for the exchange.”

Oddly, the amount Twizzler bet is not known, nor is it known if  he ponied-up, or more likely as his family tradition requires, he stiffed the House. 

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2 Responses to Eric Trump Made A MAGA Bet

  1. spotthedog says:

    But Daddy says he won!!!

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  2. I would say he’s utterly divorced from reality, but he’s been soaking in the family lies for his whole life. He is only tangentially familiar with our objective reality.

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