News That Will Drive You To Drink

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I’ve been stewing since last night about this:

Jollet’s twitter thread goes on for quite a while, and it’s worth clicking on the Tweet and going to Twitter to read all about it.

The LATimes reports:

Dodger Stadium’s mass COVID-19 vaccination site was temporarily shut down Saturday afternoon when about 50 protesters gathered at the entrance, frustrating hundreds of motorists who had been waiting in line for hours.

The Los Angeles Fire Department closed the entrance to the stadium — one of the largest vaccination sites in the country — for about an hour starting just before 2 p.m. as a precaution, officials said. Several LAPD officers also responded to the scene; a spokeswoman for the department said no arrests were made.

Andrea Garcia, a spokeswoman for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, said that despite the 55-minute interruption, no appointments were canceled.

“We remain committed to vaccinating Angelenos as quickly and safely as possible,” she said.

The demonstrators included members of anti-vaccine and far-right groups. While some carried signs decrying the COVID-19 vaccine and shouting for people not to get the shots, there were no incidents of violence.

And almost immediately I learned (hat tip @Karoli) that it was not exactly spontaneous nor a protest made in earnest:

Here’s the thing: they were interfering with other people’s healthcare. This is no different than the assholes who stop women from entering Planned Parenthood.

There’s a world of difference between a Libertarian anti-vax position for oneself, but this is taking their own personal freeeeeedumb and imposing it on others. It’s bad enough that these shitheels are probably going to stop us all from achieving herd immunity, but to force their deadly beliefs on others is a kind of terrorism. And that’s assuming that they were actually being sincere and not being MAGA assholes (redundant?)

Those vaccinations have a very limited lifespan outside of the special refrigerators, and once they go bad, well that’s that. Potentially someone waiting in line could have been denied a medication because of the delay. These assholes potentially are responsible for manslaughter.

No one was arrested. I find that unbelievable.

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14 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    White pipples. Blacks get shot, (or at least, shot at, and gassed,) but the whiteys get sent home with a stern warning.

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    Hmmm….and here, I thought America was a country of thoughtful, rational citizens who put their faith in science and knowledge. Ignorance apparently has no boundaries, and some days, thry prove me woefully wrong!

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  3. Czippie L'Shimp says:

    It’s always about controlling other people. What’s the point of having an opinion if you can’t force others to live by it? That’s freedom, right?

    On a more sunny note; I took my wife to the Disney site today for her 1st round shot, and it went smooth as silk. LOTS of folks, all following the rules and being respectful. Both the pokers and the pokees.

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  4. Weird Dave says:

    I (semi) seriously wish I had some smallpox infested blankets to give these anti-science jerks.

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  5. roket says:

    MAGAt’s stopping traffic? Execute them!

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  6. GERDSDAMMIT, we supplied these urban fascist forces with insane amounts of hardcore firepower and urban tanks, maybe this is where they SHOULD FUCKING BE USING A DISPLAY OF FORCE AGAINST THESE INSURRECTIONIST!!!


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