Get Thee Hence!

No Time To Blog! The Sunday links are up!

We have an embarrassment of riches this Sunday, Scissorheads:

  • Our pal Infidel753 has outdone himself again! I’m beginning to darkly suspect that he must use unholy sorcery of some sort!
  • Burr over at Fair and Unbalanced, gives us a round-up of political stories for the week.
  • Meanwhile, Scottie’s Toy Box brings the Sunday funnies!

[Our Custom on this Sunday post is to keep it on top, with fresher posts —if any— below. Now GET THEE HENCE!

— The Management]

PS – As a housekeeping note, I will be curating Crooks and Liars round-up this week starting tomorrow. If you have a hot tip, send it to me at: Tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com. As you all know, I like to feature small blogs who could use a hand. The original Mike at Mike’s Blog Round-up helped MPS to go from invisible to merely obscure (“Cult Failure!”) and I like to pay it forward.

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