She Seems Nice

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgeduh) is unhinged: She has spread conspiracy theories about school shootings on Facebook, endorsed the executions of Democratic leaders, supported the Q-Spiracy theory claims that there’s a global cannibal-pedophile cabal involving top U.S. political figures, and said the 2018 midterms represented “an Islamic invasion of our government.”

Here she’s having a nice chat with a Parkland kid:

Axios talks to Hogg about this encounter:

What’s happening: In a recently resurfaced video of Greene confronting Hogg, she calls the gun control activist a “coward” and accuses him of “attacking our Second Amendment,” before telling him she’s a gun owner and has a concealed carry permit.

What he’s saying: “I absolutely remember that and I remember thinking, you know, I’ll just keep a straight face and practice my mindfulness meditation that I’ve often done to cope with my PTSD and my ADHD as well,” Hogg said after he was asked if he remembered the encounter.

  • “It was actually really helpful in that regard because we can see in that video, they’re clearly trying to get a rise out of me and the fellow activists that I’m with by asking incredibly triggering questions,” he continued.
  • “She talks as well about, you know, saying that she’s an American citizen, almost as if implying I’m not just as American as she is or any of us are simply for not wanting our friends to die anymore. That’s just horrific and disgusting.”


  • Hogg called on House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to strip Greene of her committee assignments. She was appointed this week to the House Education and Labor Committee.
  • A spokesperson for McCarthy told Axios this week that Greene’s “comments are deeply disturbing and Leader McCarthy plans to have a conversation with the Congresswoman about them.”
  • Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-Calif.) said on Wednesday that he was preparing a resolution to remove Greene from Congress.

McCarthy, as Lord Damp Nut said, is a “pussy.” I expect his convo with Greene will be, um, performative.

The flaming liberals at [checks notes] The Economist discuss Q-Spiracists generally:

“This is an awkward moment for the QAnon conspiracists who put their considerable faith in Donald Trump. Inauguration Day came and went with no mass execution of Satanist Democratic pedophiles. The Storm, as a million-odd QAnon followers called that wished-for event, was a shower. So there was no Great Awakening—a post-slaughter celebration of Mr Trump—either.”

“But QAnon is not going away. Updated versions of it are spreading—including one on TikTok that has pushed the Storm back to March 4th. And the conspiratorial impulse behind QAnon will be even more enduring. Fully half of Mr Trump’s supporters claimed to believe its core falsehoods: that he was fighting a high-level Democratic child-sex operation. As that suggests, the conspiracy is not only dangerous in itself, but both symptom and cause of the bigger epistemic and democratic crisis that Mr Trump has moved from the murkier parts of the internet to the Republican mainstream.”

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6 Responses to She Seems Nice

  1. Oh yeah those folks at “The Economist” are radical socialist marxists!

    Although their last sentence does need a minor correction:

    As that suggests, the conspiracy is not only dangerous in itself, but both symptom and cause of the bigger epistemic and democratic crisis that Mr Trump has moved from the murkier parts of the internet Republican Party to the Republican mainstream.

    They were calling from inside the house all along!!!!

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  2. roket says:

    Is she pretending to be a reporter? If so, arrest the fucking bitch.

    TV crew threatened with arrest after asking Marjorie Taylor Greene question at town hall

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    • MDavis says:

      I saw a report that reporters were to be allowed as long as they asked no questions and made no noise. So she just wanted stenographers there.

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      • Next stage of this process is to only allow certain constiuents into the “town halls” and then only ever meeting with friendly groups in private aka “Pulling a McSally” after what the Never Actually Elected Senator from AZ did when she was our rep…

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      • MDavis says:

        I’m not convinced. Isn’t she already holding town halls by invitation only? Just asking, I don’t know, but it does seem like her style.


  3. spotthedog says:

    If I ever had the chance to meet Ms. Greene, knowing she’s such a gun enthusiast I would like to ask her “You duck hunt?”.

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