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What Digby Said.

Actually Tom Sullivan, he makes really a good point –

“Armed far-right mobs met little law enforcement resistance when they repeatedly attacked state capitols,” begins ProPublica’s Jan. 19 report. The lessons those mobs took away was that the U.S. Capitol would be a soft target:

In a year in which state governments around the country have become flashpoints for conservative anger about the coronavirus lockdown and Trump’s electoral defeat, it was right-wing activists — some of them armed, nearly all of them white — who forced their way into state capitols in Idaho, Michigan and Oregon. Each instance was an opportunity for local and national law enforcement officials to school themselves in ways to prevent angry mobs from threatening the nation’s lawmakers.

But it was Trump supporters who did the learning. That it was possible — even easy — to breach the seats of government to intimidate lawmakers. That police would not meet them with the same level of force they deployed against Black Lives Matter protesters. That they could find sympathizers on the inside who might help them.

And they learned that criminal charges, as well as efforts to make the buildings more secure, were unlikely to follow their incursions. In the three cases, police made only a handful of arrests.

It’s a narrower cast of what we’ve been saying all along: if you don’t punish the miscreants they learn that they can get away with something, anything, everything. It’s not that I have any hope for Impeachment 2…

Armed gangs learned that legislative buildings are soft targets, acted on that knowledge, and came close to creating a bloodbath. What will they learn if Trump faces no sanction for his role in inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection?


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  1. Well, actially:


    We know from the attack on the softball field that even getting shot and seriously wounded by a lunatic with a gun will not change GOP politicians attitudes towards white people with guns, I’m expecting they’ll just shrug off the murder or assasination of a few pols, especially since they’re much more likely to be Democrats. Hell, they could blow up Congress and there will be a long line of Republicans willing to step in for the dead; oh, they’ll mouth the right platitudes, but it will not change their agenda. We’ll just get a lot more Gosars and Taylor-Greenes…

    Watering the tree and all that.

    They WANT their bloodbath. They WANT their Civil War. They WANT their genocide.

    It’s what they’ve been screaming for, for decades.

    They want a country where no one but white male hetero Christians have any power. Wrapped in the flag and carrying a Bible.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    What will they learn if there are no ramifications for the MHSG?

    That successful, full-scale armed revolution is not only possible but likely, therefore it is the preferred course of action since the ballot box is never going to give them what they want: slaves, child brides (but I repeat myself), drugs, and money.

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  3. MDavis says:

    It couldn’t have helped that troops were not allowed to be sent to the Capitol to help deal with the invaders.
    It certainly didn’t help that, nationwide, police forces have been infiltrated by right wing jerks and nothing is done to weed the rotten apples out.

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  4. It couldn’t have helped that troops were not allowed to be sent to the Capitol to help deal with the invaders.

    This was a deliberate move on the part of the Administration and was a consequence of Trump firing the SecDef and appointing a bunch of lackeys into the department. More and more it looks like Jan 6 was a planned event, and that people at the highest levels of the Administration and trump campaign were involved. It is also increasingly apparent that Trump truly believed that he could force the House and Senate to throw out result from Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin and have Pence declare him the winner by fiat.


    Police forces in America have never NOT been bastions of white supremacy enforcement. They originated as slave patrols and have been used as the paramilitary arm of the elites ever since, to suppress dissent and organization. Todays police are the same forces that burned down a city block in Philadelphia in 1978, murdered Fred Hampton in 1969, beat Mexican Americans in the Zoot Suit riots in 1943 and committed the Haymarket massacre in 1886.

    I could go on and on , but depressingly for the most part, it’s not a matter of removing ‘a few bad apples’ but finding the ‘few good apples’…

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