Then and Now, Now and Then

Cancel Culture

Matt Gaetz stinks on ice

You know how this works… We compare and contrast deeply held beliefs by picking two statements from the same person.

Now the Then:

Rep. Matt Gaetz suggested impeaching Obama during Wednesday’s Trump impeachment-inquiry hearing

Then the Now:

So… which does he believe?

Weirdly, Gaetz tweeted this  less than three weeks after he tried to cancel millions of votes on the same day the insurrectionists tried to cancel now-former VP and walking termite buffet Mike Pence, you know, by murdering him.

And that’s sort of the ultimate of cancel culture.

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6 Responses to Then and Now, Now and Then

  1. Big Bad bald Bastard says:

    They’ll still be trying to impeach Obama twenty years from now, when there are only a dozen or so of them left, representing a Qanon compound in the Florida panhandle.

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  2. I guess “cancel culture” is the new “Political correctness” then. What happens when they say really stupid, offensive and unpopular stuff out loud and get criticised for it.

    Violates the doublesecret First Amendment (Republican) clause “Mah freeze peach is not allowed to be criticized because that’s harshing muzzling mah freeze peach. This amendmentumentum applies only to Republicans.”

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  3. julesmomcat says:

    Gaetz: “Ai standz fer whichever way the windz blows.”

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    The head grows weary, upon which such a crown, er, pompadour resides…

    Plus, it seems, the brain gets all soft & mushy.

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