The GOP Plan for 2022 and Beyond: ‘And Then A Miracle Occurs…’

The Republican Party Takes Flight

I’m just trying to understand the Coup Klux Klan’s plan for success, as they seem to clearly think being in thrall to Lord Damp Nut —including letting him get away with an attempted murder Mike Pence, and assorted Senators and Representatives— is the way ahead no matter what.

But what I don’t get is why these morons er, super-geniuses think supporting and enabling the Trump Crime Family now will ensure success later when they are running against Ja-Jar Vanky, Mme. Twizzler, or Junior Mints hisself when they run for office. The First Shady is going to mop floridus with Marco Rubio’s dumbo ears.

Defend him now and lose to him later? In project planning we always called that the Magic Box, with the step on the Gant Chart: And Then A Miracle Occurs.

For instance, insurrection-enthusiast Sen.Josh Hawley clearly is running in the 2024 Goat Rodeo, which is the same time Hair Füror hisself plans to run his grudge match.

If I were him, I’d want to eliminate the entire Trump Family electoral threat for a generation.

Republicans in the Senate must consider not only their own political futures and their own safety but must also choose between their party and the republic. They are never going to win the non-MAGA vote, and MAGA is not enough to win in most places.

So what am I missing in the GOP strategy?

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9 Responses to The GOP Plan for 2022 and Beyond: ‘And Then A Miracle Occurs…’

  1. So what am I missing in the GOP strategy?

    The inevitable ‘beaten wife cringe’ by the Democrats as they run headlong away from Biden like they did in the absolutely catastrophic 2010 elections, spurred on by the mobs of Teabaggers II The Electric Boogaloo and the press who will have, by then, consistently portrayed Biden as insufficiently loyal to the GOP Bipartisan Kumbayah Bullshit.

    They’ve dug in already…hell I read a fucking Cletus Safari article in ProPublica the other day.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    With all their fingers and toes (and eyes) crossed, they’re counting on a combination of the Hot Mess they left for Joe, along with every obstructionist trick they can employ or bring to bear, along with railcar-loads of dis- and mis-information, to befuddle the voters once again, and baffle them with their bluster and bullshit.

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  3. Infidel753 says:

    There is no plan or strategy. They’re just terrified of the vast hordes of slavering Deliverance mutants swarming menacingly in the hinterlands, who made it all too clear on Jan 6 how dangerous they can be, especially if Trump whips them up. It’s not about thinking ahead. It’s about avoiding becoming the next target of mob violence, from one day to the next.

    It’s obvious enough now that Trumpeachment 2 will not lead to a conviction (not enough Republican votes — voting to convict would be tantamount to suicide), but it’s still very likely that a conventional prosecution for financial crimes and/or sedition will put Trump behind bars for a lot more than four years. If so, Ivanka and the rest of the Trumplets, assuming they stay out of prison themselves, don’t have nearly comparable prestige or charisma in the eyes of the Trumpanzee masses. If I had to bet on the 2024 nominee, I’d bet on Hawley, especially if he gets expelled from the Senate. He’s already got the full opprobrium of the Republican establishment and the MSM to catapult him to the front of the pack.

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    • Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

      I’m with you on the no-plan fear of the mob. A former employer of mine, leaving the office to have a negotiating lunch with a contractor. said on his way out the door, “I hate meeting this guy. It’s like being in a box with a snake.”
      The Repubs are in the box = they’ve been climbiing in since Nixon at least – the snake’s gotten bigger, more deadly – and they don’t know how to get out.
      They also don’t have the gumption, individually (with a couple exceptions) or collectively, to try to kill the snake.

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  4. sos says:

    So what am I missing in the GOP strategy?

    The answer is right in your question GOP. Therefore you missed the “Profit” step (ask any underwear gnome).

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  5. roket says:

    Their Gant Chart needs more miracles. The next big date coming up is 3/4. 3/5 will be another day of popping balloons heard round Possum Hollar. Meanwhile, I’m telling every Qidiot (aka MAGAt) that I know that President Biden plans on declaring Martial Law on 3/3. Just for shits and giggles.


  6. my guess, for which you need not pay me a thing, so you will receive proper service for payment, is that they are counting on being able to follow through in several legislatures making their insane attempts at disenfranchisement leading up to the insurrection into actual law, so there is enough damage to the voting rolls putting a steal back into play.


  7. Ten Bears says:

    Some spectral being with whom they’ve entered into some kind of “special” contractual obligation is going to float down out of the sky on a flying floating rainbow unicorn with thousands upon thousands of “special” spectral “helpers” on flying floating rainbow unicorns will carry them all away to paradise?


  8. Jado says:

    They are playing out the string. They have come this far, and they know that they are forever stained with the Trump brand now, so the only way out is thru. Keep going and hope it all works out. Because all these guys have been the Nazi generals in the bunker with Hitler from the Downfall movie for MONTHS now, and now that Trump is gone, they really don’t know how to get out of it. And they also have to deal with the Howler Monkeys who have been waiting for their God-Emperor to be vindicated thru all the faerie tales being told for the past few months.
    Add to that the inclination to try to inherit the Chairborne Division of Howler Monkey voters for their own purposes, and the combination of greed, ambition, and terror leads to this situation.


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