Another Glass Ceiling Shattered

Still, she persisted.

Former Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen (who was the first woman chairperson of the Federal Reserve), who was You’re Fired’ed by Hair Füror for (checks notes) not being tall enough (totally not making that up), has busted ANOTHER glass ceiling to become the first woman Treasury Secretary in US History.

Still wanna tell me your vote doesn’t matter or that both parties are the same?

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5 Responses to Another Glass Ceiling Shattered

  1. Weird Dave says:

    And that’s before we bring up the little matter that Yellen is really, really, really good at her job.

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Be amazed how short a tall person get’s when you kick ’em in the ankles.

    If ya’ gotta’ do it, do it right: ankles, shins, knees if you’ve a golden opportunity.

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  3. T_Reg says:

    Instead of end-stage capitalism with testicles, we get end-stage capitalism with ovaries. Good to see someone who isn’t viciously destructive and/or crazy, but I’m not that impressed. If someone like Richard Wolff was appointed, THEN I’d be impressed.


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