Happy Birthday, Elliot Abrams!

“You’re room is waiting!”

Genocide enthusiast and King of the Contras is 73 years old today.

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6 Responses to Happy Birthday, Elliot Abrams!

  1. Wesley Sandel says:

    That f-cking terrorist and sadist is collecting a fat federal pension.

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    May he have 73 more……minutes, only.

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  3. laura says:

    A career of tacit or active approval of the deaths of innocents abroad with little accountability in the service of rapacious free market capitalism is no way to go through life.
    He’s one of the fuckers I keep an eye on.


    • Wesley Sandel says:

      The co#ksucker is responsible for the torturing-to-death of tens of thousands of defenseless Latin American civilians.


  4. osirisopto says:

    T.G. I’m surprised at you. You left out the most important part.

    This means he’s one day closer to dead.

    I’m going to let you off with a warning this time.

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