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🎶 Looking out a dirty old window 🎵

Guys, Jar-Jar vanky have fled DC and the $18K Ameros/month mansion they rented is available! You could rent it and use the toilets, unlike their Secret Service detail! Imagine the thrill of being in the exact same serene rooms where the First Shady Instagrammed herself holding sheafs of blank pages with a white mug of steaming beverage nearby, or plotted her future political career as the daughter of an twice-impeached insurrectionist and wife of a slumlord.

You might want to invest in an exorcist before moving in, come the think of it.

The DC rental is a steal compared to the $40K Amero/Month rent they are paying for a condo in Floriduh while they wait to build their new house on a $32M Amero empty lot.

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7 Responses to Just Listed

  1. Wesley Sandel says:

    If the locals have any sense or class they’ll keep burning the Trump mansion down in its early stages of construction.

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  2. Big Bad bald Bastard says:

    Comes with a pantry full of Goya beans.

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  3. Richard Portman says:

    I am a primitive thinker . My perspectives on what should be done with them would make a Sultan ashamed. Now they ask for “unity “.

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    • MDavis says:

      My idea of unity starts with dealing with the traitors first. Insurrection loses you the ticket to the unity ball and gets you an alternate ticket (do not pass Go, do not collect that bribe you arranged)

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