Take THAT, False Prophets

Guys, the theocrats are going buggy that their Savior and Lord (Damp Nut) lost, and they are turning on each other:

and the clap-back comes from Lance Wallnau, who seems strangely reasonable (Announcer Voice: He’s not.)


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12 Responses to Take THAT, False Prophets

  1. [reaches for popcorn] “Let them fight!”

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  2. Richard Portman says:

    I give up on them. They are not ok. At least those mountain snake handler churches had better music. These nuts don’t even have that. They forget that they too will be dust. I don’t know why we have to listen them. These crazy fanatics are way too prominent in our discussions. I would like to see churches pay taxes.
    I don’t know why they do this. I want no part of it.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    The church of my youth was about forgiveness and uplifting of the soul. I was just a child then, but in retrospect the horrors of WWII tempered the theology. Somewhere in the 80’s (yes I’m an old fuc*er), the message was more frenetic and the gays were somehow to blame (no, I’m not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with it). The Oregon Citizen’s Alliance (OCA) claimed to be a Christian organization and their leader Lon Mabon actually encouraged violence against gays, as they claimed gay men and women were lurking around schoolyards recruiting children. (“HUMANITY ON THE BALLOT”:THE CITIZEN INTIATIVE AND OREGON’S WAR OVER GAY CIVIL RIGHTS). When Reagan was elected there was much talk about the Gay Plague (AIDS) and since it was only affecting gays treatments and a cure were ignored. I’m sure the powers that were considered AIDS a Democratic hoax (sound familiar). Many people died as a result. I have zero sympathy for the clowns who dress themselves in the cloak of Jebus and preach their hatred. Left that scene a long time ago when I at long last last recognized their poison for what it was…

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  4. ali redford says:

    Heh. I was reading my RWW email today when DH came home for lunch. He wanted to review his copy of the US Constitution, because he’d been stuck listening to a Q convert co-worker talk about “The Storm” on 3/5/21. (DH was looking for the 20th Amendment, and the history of US inauguration dates.) Anyway, turns out that many Q adherents are mistaken again; the original March inauguration date was 3/4, unless the 4th falls on a Sunday. He figuratively bathed in their tears this afternoon.

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  5. glitterbug says:

    My grandmother was seriously mentally ill. Back in the 60’s. I was a little kid and she was in a huge state institution. We would go visit about twice a week. Mom was like the Pied Piper. Her purse was full of candy and gum and she would light all their cigarettes. They all flocked around her and little me was so impressed how cool my mom was.

    These trumpanzees need some Thorazine.

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  6. osirisopto says:

    Just because she won’t sleep with you doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian.

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  7. HarpoSnarx says:

    Isn’t one of the keys to the kingdom repentance and redemption? Being a verbally incontinent Rat Party arsehole isn’t enough for automatic entry like in the good ole Bush years. Well if you believe in that particular process.

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  8. roket says:

    I’m no prophet but I predict they will lose all but 25% of their followers.

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    • tengrain says:

      Wasn’t that about the number of people who thought Chimpy was a great prznint?

      I think you probably are on to something, Roket.



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      • Bruce388 says:

        Tricky Dick Nixon’s approval was around 25% when he resigned to avoid certain impeachment and conviction.


  9. YellowDog says:

    They gotta keep the grift going.


  10. Wesley Sandel says:

    There a real good reason that you don’t find faith healers in hospitals.

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