11 New Executive Orders To Combat The Trump-Virus

Joe Biden
(undated file photo)

President Handsome Joe Biden was busy again yesterday with Executive Orders, you know, once he found out that the 4th Reich had no plans to do anything at all, ever, about the Trump-Virus because: hoax.

Anyway, he released a 200-page document outlining the centralized, federal coronavirus response. Handsome Joe signed a series of executive orders that includes the creation of a National Pandemic Testing Board to increase testing capacity, using the Defense Production Act to increase vaccination supplies, testing capacity, and PPE production, a mask mandate on public transportation, and more Ameros and direction for state and local officials.

Here are the EOs:

  1. Invokes the Defense Production Act to increase PPE and vaccine production
  2. Instructs FEMA to reimburse states for National Guard personnel/emergency supplies
  3. Instructs FEMA to create federal vaccination centers (Claim Chowder ALERT:  Wingnuttia will call them FEMA Camps! The Betting Window is open for wagers!)
  4. Creates the Pandemic Testing Board to expand COVID-19 testing capacity
  5. Establishes a program to help develop treatments in response to pandemic threats
  6. Commits resources to collection and sharing of COVID-19 data
  7. Instructs the Dept. of Education to develop guidelines for safely reopening schools
  8. Instructs OSHA to develop guidelines for emergency standards, and to enforce worker safety requirements
  9. Creates the COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force to make sure all are treated fairly
  10. Announces support for a “Global Health Security Agenda”
  11. Requires masks in airports, and on most trains, planes, and buses. Visitors to the U.S. must test negative for COVID-19.

None of these EOs is an un-doing of a Hair Füror EO, because he never had any plans to do anything about his eponymous virus.

What is shocking is the absence of these things. That the Dept. of Education never had guidelines for re-opening schools is mind-boggling. Remember when the 4th Reich was arguing that kids rarely get the Trump-Virus, so if only 1% did and died, you know, that’s OK because Corporate America needs their parents back in the veal-fattening pens, and Daddy needs a new yacht.

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3 Responses to 11 New Executive Orders To Combat The Trump-Virus

  1. roket says:

    I’m guessing common-sense conservatives are aghast.

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  2. MDavis says:

    Maybe Rebekah Jones could help with number 6 once she’s all done dealing with charges of insubordination for using government (Florida) COVID-19 reporting website to report COVID information instead of what DeSantis wanted on there. Allegedly.

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  3. GranDude says:

    C’mon the efwits gave their COVID plan a name as cool as Space Force – Operation Warp Speed. Aptly named because Warp Speed doesn’t exist either.

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