Grifters Gotta Grift

Trump Crime Family


The WaPo tells us that noted insurrection enthusiast and former prznint Lord Damp Nut found a new way to dip his beak into the treasury when he issued a directive extending Secret Service protection to his family who would not automatically receive it after he goes into exile. And Wee the Peeple get to pay for it!

The SS will automatically protect  LDN, Mel, and that kid who lives with them (the one with the lawnmower I guess?) to continue to receive full-time protection, but it does not cover his large adult children and their families. Until now.

Now receiving 24-hour security:

  • The first shady Ivanka
  • Fratsputin Jared Kushner
  • the 3 Jar-Jarvanka children
  • Jr. Mints and his five kids
  • Twizzler
  • Mme Twizzler
  • Tiff

Presumably some of them will allow their Security to pee on duty, but we have our doubts.

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9 Responses to Grifters Gotta Grift

  1. “Is he under the impression that it’s the Secret Service’s job to help him battle back debt collectors and service processors?” she asked rhetorically, because it had to be said.

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  2. How the hell is this even remotely legal? Is this another one of those “Before Trump no one thought we needed to make this blatantly unethical shit actually illegal”

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  3. robginchicago says:

    Mnuchin, Mark Meadows, and one of his other intelligence whisperers were also provided Secret Service protection for six months. Sorry Rudy, ya gotta carry your own bags, you bastard.

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    • Well, in Mnuchin’s case, as he is a “killed in the opening sequence pre-credits Gade D Bond Villain” He’s probably got reason to be worried.

      Meadows? All he has to fear is unemployment as the COS who oversaw the whole election shitshow and inciting insurrection series finale…

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  4. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Can’t they get a deal on private bodyguards from Erik Prince?

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  5. roket says:

    With followers like theirs, I would live in fear also too.

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  6. Ten Bears says:

    Shit-duty, like peeling potatoes or shipping off to the Russian Front.

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  7. T_Reg says:

    What’s to stop Biden from pulling those agents back? Can’t he just issue a directive countering Trump’s?

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