And So It Ends

It began with a downward-escalator ride (read into that all you want) to the applause of a paid audience and it ended with an ignominious and empty walk (couldn’t even get a paid audience) from the White House to Marine 1. And in between all hell broke loose, including pandemic and insurrection. DC is in lock-down and looks like they are preparing for more insurrection.

Trump opened a door to the darkest, lowest impulses in America and encouraged the worst in everyone to walk through it. He easily tapped into something primal, vile, venal and depraved, so frightened and frightening in our nation’s character, and he celebrated it. A white nationalist, Trump made bigotry and hatred into virtues and kindness into a weakness for suckers and losers. He showed us who we are, deep inside, and we didn’t like what we saw.

We’ll try to forget the great evil he unleashed on our land, but we cannot:  hell is empty and all the devils are here. We’ve got a rough slog ahead and his followers are determined to make it worse, in his name.

(Side note: the pardons are a rogues gallery of miscreants, but do not include himself or his family.  Lawyers allegedly talked Trump out of issuing pardons for several Coup Klux Klan lawmakers who asked for clemency; he can still change his mind about that anytime before noon today.  And in a final finger to everyone, Trump rescinded his 2017 executive order barring former White House employees from lobbying the government. Yes, he ordered the Swamp refilled.)

We have much work to do to try to fix things (other than the windows and doors at the Capitol destroyed in the Stupid Coup which are still being repaired even now) and we may no longer have the help of nearly half our country, lost to his madness, and other souls lost to the virus he welcomed in. The official U.S. coronavirus death toll surpassed 400,000 on Trump’s final day in office, quite an accomplishment.

Napoleon dismissed the Brits as a nation of shopkeepers, and yet the shopkeepers won and Napoleon ended up in exile on Elba. Trump is exiled to his gilded cage in Florida awaiting justice. Sometimes the little people, the shopkeepers actually win. Today is ours. Celebrate it, mark your calendars that on this date, fairness and common  decency exiled vulgar opportunity.

There will be many takes today on Trump in exodus, but the only one we need is that he is finally gone. Good riddance.

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    We’re in need of a good song this morning…

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  2. TheOtherHank says:

    In much the same way that companies are not going to do donate money to insurrectionist Rs in Congress, it seems like it’s entirely possible for Congress to refuse to listen to companies that hire insurrectionist refugees from the Trump regime.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    But his very last, final words were oddly the same as The Terminator’s, when asked where he found the toilet paper: “Aisle B, back.”

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    • After what Mitch did yesterday (a verbal version of John McCains famous thumbs-down) he might not be. They very well may IMTMFA for reals. It’ll upset the Hawley-Cruz-KKK faction of the GOP, but the plutocrat faction has to be looking at that growing list of donors departing from the party to start moving into self-survival mode. I think that they really know that he and his cabal went too far on Jan 6 and they want the stench of sedition off the party.

      Convicting the fat fuck is the quickest way for him to be kicked out of the 2024 race. The internecine GOP war over who is to be his successor will also splinter the trumpy faction further.

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  4. spotthedog says:

    A tip of the hat to you Tengrain! I look forward to sleeping better than I have the past 4 years.

    And now for the weather;

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  5. donnah says:

    Thanks, TG! We’ve weathered a long, terrible storm. Starting today at noon, we start fresh and hopefully see a bright new world before us.

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  6. tengrain says:

    Guys, I’m not making this up. This is how he played himself offstage:

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  7. skinnydennis says:


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  8. purplehead says:

    It suddenly got pleasantly chilly. We’re -45°!

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  9. purplehead says:

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  10. purplehead says:

    A thing I LOVE about inaugurations are how wonderful the military bands are. They truly pick the best musicians for those positions.

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  11. purplehead says:

    Ohmydog, the Space Farce has a flag and a bearer of that flag for “presentations of colors.” Jeebus. I hope Biden gets rid of that shit.

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  12. glitterbug says:

    Thank you TG for all you do. You have kept me marginally sane for many years.
    Smiling Joe’s speech was awesome and now I’m hammered on too much vodka.


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  13. I kept expecting the city of Dis to rise in Death Valley (somewhere between Hellmouth, Hooker and Heater, California.) So happy it never came to that.

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  14. ali redford says:


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  15. Redhand says:

    OMFG! Did they actually play “Hit the Road Jack” [?!]

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  16. Redhand says:

    Also, TG, more lengthy essays. This one was eloquent.

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    • tengrain says:

      Thanks Redhand, that’s very kind, but long-format bloggers like Driftglass, Yas, Steve M., are all rare talents and could be (and should be) writing for the national press. I write dick jokes. admittedly, they’re pretty short…

      We’re spitballers here, and MPS is more of a cult-failure than a cult-favorite, and I like it like that.



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