She Seems Nice

Rep. Lauren Boebert Q-CO), the pistol-packing representative with an IQ about the calibre of her ammo, is in some hot water as even some in Colorado is calling for her to resign. Let’s explore!



The morning of the insurrection as the mouth breathers were gathering:

As the Stupid Coup was breaching the Capitol, Boebert was delivering her very first speech to Congress:

“Madame speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now. I promised my voters to be their voice!” Boebert said, quickly and loudly objecting to the counting of Arizona’s electoral college votes, which were upheld in federal court, and ultimately, by Congress itself. “Are we not a government, of, by and for the people? They know that this election was not right, and as their representative, I am sent here to represent them. I will not allow the people to be ignored.”

During the attack:

Shortly thereafter:

Lauren Boebert spokesman quits after less than two weeks



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9 Responses to She Seems Nice

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Well now. I hear Parler is back online being channelled through servers in Mother Russia. Wonder what the Russians are gonna do with all that personal info being gathered on our home grown seditionists. Sounds like Boebert would approve. Found this on…

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Relax, folks – she’s just another highly-enthusiastic modern-day patriot, who gets a bit carried away by her zeal for………HOLY SHIT! She just pulled her Glock outta the holster, and she’s waving it around, and now she’s pulling the trigger without even aiming, and SOMEBODY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CRAZY BITCH before she kills someone!!!

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  3. ming says:


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  4. Weird Dave says:

    He seems nice too:

    Capitol rioter threatened to shoot his children if they told FBI about DC trip, authorities say

    It’s from Faux News so no linky-love but you get the idea.


  5. osirisopto says:

    Let me guess, she wants to sit next to Biden at the inauguration.

    Nah, she’d never be the one actually pulling the trigger.


  6. Ten Bears says:

    Nuthin’ “special” about point three five seven, it’s not a “38” …


  7. Redhand says:

    14th Amendment her.


  8. I don’t know how she has ANY staff, if she brings a gun to the office. Fuck, I had a loosely-screwed-together boss who used to fling X-ACTO knives at employees…


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