The First Shady Makes Her Move!

Blow is an expression Ivanka.

Most people in Jar-Jarvanka’s shoes (no longer designed by the First Shady, BTW), would probably lay low after the implosion of the 4th Reich as Lord Damp Nut is impeached for the second time in a year, led a failed insurrection (and the Capitol basically is cordoned off from the family’s army of mouth-breathing morons and orcs [disambiguation: Not Twizzler, nor Junior Mints]), and is awaiting the Fates and Furies of multiple jurisdictions on tax evasion, and other crimes large and small (ALLEGEDLY), and the subsequent sinking of the Trump Crime Family brand, but most people are not as ambitious as Ivanka Trump.

“When Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner shared their decision to pick up and move their family to Washington from New York four years ago, multiple sources who know the couple said the idea was the White House years would allow easy entree to their ambitious next steps: Kushner would become a powerful player in global politics and Trump would become a shoo-in to a higher office of her own.

“The couple have never been shy about their combined love of power. When they got engaged, Ivanka Trump said in an interview that she knew Kushner was the one when she found his ambition matched hers.

“Jared and I are very similar in that we’re very ambitious. That’s what makes it so amazing to be in a relationship with someone who is supportive of that,” Trump told New York Magazine in 2009.

We bring this up because it appear Ivanka is moving ahead with her plans to one day rule the universe with an iron fist in a velvet glove (design stolen from others):

The newest and most-buzzed about possibility, however, surrounds the president’s daughter Ivanka. The senior White House adviser is set to decamp to Florida after her father’s presidency comes to a close. And though talk of her launching a primary challenge to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has given off the faint whiff of political fan-fick [sic, LOL], in reality, Trump officials say, there have been machinations behind the scenes.

Super-genius plan you got there, Vanky.

One person in contact with the president [Ed: Rhymes with Kared Jushner? Only Guessing! – TG] said that Jared Kushner is viewed as “working single-mindedly to protect and promote his wife’s ‘political career.’”

After creating peace in the Middle East, reinventing the government as a business, solving race relations in the United States, what impossible task is too small or big for Fratsputin? So what is his super-genius plan to implement her super-genius plan?

“He’s calling people and trying to line them up saying Rubio is terrible, worthless, he’s probably going to lose, Ivanka is going to go there and we should all get together and pledge our support to her and get her to run,” the GOP fundraiser said.

Back to CNN:

“They’re trying to keep what little is left for them in terms of sellable currency as Trumps,” said one source, who added the change from “before insurrection” to “after insurrection” has moved the needle on the state of the Trump empire from perilous to dire.

That “currency” is counterfeit, but I interrupted.

“The proof here about how worried (the family) is is how quiet they are,” said another source, who notes the muzzled Twitter screeds and the dialed-back bravado, most notably of Ivanka Trump’s brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

Praise Dog Almighty!

“The idea that anyone will forget that her father incited these attacks is about zero,” said one political operative who has worked in Republican politics. “If she wanted future voters to overlook just how devastating the end of this administration is, that’s a big lift.”

That will be a big lift:

…and of course claiming in a now-deleted tweet that the insurrectionists storming the capitol were American Patriots, and telling the Secret Service that their kind cannot pee in any of the 6.5 bathrooms at their house. Chez Kushner seems to be a restricted scat party.

Trump could also sit back to see what public sentiment dictates for her future, or she might want to wait the required seven years of Florida residency and then run for governor. One source who knows her noted that Trump has never had a problem believing in her own importance.

“Lack of self-confidence is not something she suffers from,” the source said.

I’ll say. When multiple news sources have the same hot-gossip item on the same day, someone’s press agent is getting a lot of work done planting those stories. It’s pretty funny how that coinkydink happens, innit?

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23 Responses to The First Shady Makes Her Move!

  1. sos says:

    “Lack of self-confidence is not something she suffers from,”

    Can I have a ruling here on “Lack of self-awareness”?

    Did you say Super Genius? I thought you did.

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  2. beckymaenot says:

    I guess she really wants to have her very own security detail someday.

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  3. MDavis says:

    I’ve realized what that Security detail no-bathroom privileges thing reminds me of.
    Maybe she’s afraid the property values will drop if a lowly public servant * uses the bathroom, just like in “The Help”. (In that story, at least there were alternate arrangements made for the help. Crappy arrangements, but they weren’t left to go poop in the shrubberies. )
    * They are not public servants, they’re special.

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    • tengrain says:

      I promise you that there is a servant room, probably off the kitchen/servants entrance with a bathroom. Houses of that vintage all had them to keep the staff separate from the residents.

      It’s really vulgar BS for chez kushner, but then again, what isn’t?



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      • MDavis says:

        They are both spawn of real estate dynasties, and both dynasties were somewhat obsessed with separation of the various classes – this kind can’t rent from me, that kind can rent but we aren’t wasting any monies on keeping the units habitable. Habitable units are for real people.
        It’s just an extension of their roots. Redlining for the peons, if you will.


  4. Ten Bears says:

    Not a topic I generally find polite, butt since someone else brought it up to be perfectly honest with you I’d rather find a tree – there ain’t no telling what kind of bugs those creatures breathe.

    To my experience people are shy about their toilets because they’re dirty.

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  5. donnah says:

    I’m reminded of the video where Ivanka was attending a global leadership meeting of some kind and real world leaders like Merkel and others basically patted her on her empty head and then literally turned their backs on her. She looked like an eight year old girl being snubbed at a sleepover, and rightfully so.

    I can’t imagine her ever achieving success in politics now, but that bimbo Boebert is in the House and that QAnon nutbag is, too, so anything’s possible.

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    • ali redford says:

      I always think of that time, too; there were even smirks behind Ivanka’s back. She’s slightly better at word salad than Sarah Palin, and uses more hand gestures. I hope people will remember these Trump years when it comes to one or more of them running for something (besides away from hounds because they’ve escaped from prison,) but I’m not confident. So many voters don’t seem to recall much from election to election.

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      • MDavis says:

        That’s where thinking with your gut gets you.
        I am beginning to wonder how much the public discourse would improve if the meds to deal with intestinal parasites were cheaper and more easily obtained.

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  6. Millard Filmore says:

    “Every legally cast vote should be counted. Every illegally cast vote should not.”

    The GOP simply needs to work harder to insure that [X] do not cast votes, whether they are legal or not. This does not contradict Ivanka in any way.

    [Tengrain was here! Just a slight redaction, readers can supply their own epithets here. It wasn’t The Bad Word, but it wasn’t a good word,either. just being cautious as we are getting more comments in moderation from the usual suspects than, uh, usual. — TG]


    • MDavis says:

      To be fair, I actually thought that (X) was a stand in for too-many-to-list groups that might vote Democrat. I didn’t realize Tengrain dropped in there until I read his note.


  7. Buttermilk Sky says:

    I’d be happy to tell anyone who will listen that Rubio is terrible and worthless. How much are they paying? (No post-dated checks, please — that’s how I got stung by Soros.)

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  8. Meremark says:

    Grab ’em by the penny.

    Sue them from every side including go-fund-sue donations and well-funded blogs (as if), until they have not a dime left for defense lawyers.

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  9. roket says:

    I’m thinking an Ivanka debate would be pretty entertaining. You go girl.


    • tengrain says:

      An Ivanka debate would be like a meeting of The Fashion Club on Daria:

      “Scrunchy or barrettes?”




  10. Bruce388 says:

    Lil Marco needs to spew out more random Bible verses STAT!


  11. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    “Jared and I are very similar in that we’re very ambitious. That’s what makes it so amazing to be in a relationship with someone who is supportive of that”

    You’re also very stupid.

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  12. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!
    Back at the beginning of the national nightmare I had read that Iwanka and Le Jejune had flipped a coin to determine who would be president first. Iwanka won. Self-confidence is one thing, but it is the rampant overconfidence in their judgment and decisions that really concerns. Luckily, overconfidence is next to hubris. But, what concerns me the most is what the Saudis are going to do to them since in four short days they won’t have access to any more state secrets to sell them. I mean, being an international powerbroker means you have to have some power to broker without their security clearance, they won’t have much to offer. Maybe that’s why Trump is getting a lacky installed as the CIA legal officer here at the end. Wholesale secret grabbing on the way out the door!


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