Staff Shocked: Ayatollah Ted Continues To Be Himself

2024 Goat Rodeo

Separated at Birth?

I’m afraid once again we must grab the bull by the tail and face the situation: Ted Cruz, professional asshole.

Ted Cruz’s Former Staffers Are ‘Disgusted’ by His New Low for Trump

“Ted Cruz has long had a public reputation as an unctuous asshole. Even so, his staffers have tended to hold him in high regard as a kind and geeky man who treated his underlings well even while his fellow senators loathed him.

One must, I suppose, also question ANYONE who would willingfully work for this asshole, let alone hold him in high regard (I would hold him at arm’s length at best), but I interrupted. Do continue.

“Now, though, “most of Cruzworld is pretty disgusted” with the senator for choosing to back Donald Trump’s absurd claims of widespread election fraud, in the words of one former aide. As another former aide put it, “Everyone is upset with the direction things have gone, and the longer they’ve been with the senator, the more distaste they are expressing.”

You mean eating a crap sandwich every day gets old?

Intelligencer spoke to more than half a dozen former Cruz staffers who have spent the past week trying to reconcile the man they once believed in with the politician they saw on January 6 when — hours after a mob tore through the Capitol — Cruz voted to throw out electoral votes from states that voted for Joe Biden, just as the rioters and Trump wanted. They say their former boss has become unrecognizable to them.

Ayatollah Ted is very consistent, in fact, if he had suddenly had a change of heart, that would have been remarkable. Ted Cruz is a smarmy opportunist and will take anything he sees as an opening and run with it. When he saw that the Moron from Missouri, Josh Hawley was making book with MAGA by being the first Senator to promote sedition, Cruz pushed him out of the spotlight to be the bigger asshole.

The 2024 Goat Rodeo is already begun, Scissorheads. It’s gonna be a long slog.

Side note:Insurrectionist Lonnie Coffman had Ted Cruz’ office phone numbers in his truck, which also contained unregistered guns and 11 molotov cocktails.

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3 Responses to Staff Shocked: Ayatollah Ted Continues To Be Himself

  1. sos says:

    Worst theme park ever.
    1. Wade through “Shit Creek”!
    2. Ride the “Hand-basket to Hell”!
    3. Visit the “Diarrheatorium”!
    4 Pet the “Asshole”!
    5. Kiss “Democracy Good-bye”!

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  2. roket says:

    Isn’t that adorable? Cruz staffers playing the victim card.

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