Confirmed: The Coup Attempt Had Inside Help

The terrible sand people of the terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan.

Per the WaPo, the so-called Stop the Steal rally (Insurrection ‘R’ Us) that brought Hair Füror’s storm troopers to attack the Capitol had inside help from the Coup Klux Klansmen representatives of the terrible sand people of the terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan:

  • Mo Brooks (no surprise there)
  • Andy Biggs
  • Paul Gosar

I hope that all three get their asses handed to them by the FBI.


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10 Responses to Confirmed: The Coup Attempt Had Inside Help

  1. ali redford says:

    Absolutely they should. Except they should be able to receive them because they should be shackled.

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  2. Oh many people will dance in the streets of the Demon Dentist of Prescott gets frogmarched off to prison…he should be having The Talk with a Secret Service agent anyway over his “Don’t make me come get you” tweet to the President Elect…


    • julesmomcat says:

      Hmmm….the Demon Dentist of Prescott, Gosar, participated in the ROOT of the riot? Sounds like he hit a few nerves, in the process…


  3. Dennis Cole says:

    “Programs! Getcher programs right here! Can’t tell who to zip-tie and lynch without a program! Includes up-to-date GPS-locating coordinates of your faves: Pence, Pelosi Schumer and the rest of the traitorous Dimocrap scum!”


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Rob Halford splits his time between Phoenix and England, he should run for Congress against Paul Gosar.
    Campaign theme song, ‘Makin’ the Law’:

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