Some Fries with Your Stupid?

Scissorhead Skinny-D to the latest example of cancel culture:

Citing ‘censorship’ concerns, North Idaho internet provider blocks Facebook, Twitter


You do you, Idaho.

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5 Responses to Some Fries with Your Stupid?

  1. It’s a goddamned moebius strip of stupid!

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Even Idaho makes fun of Idaho.

    Speakin’ of Idaho, I’ve got some (once was, ninety million years ago) ocean-front property out there for sale. Cheap, cash only though, in small bills … if ya’ hear of anyone interested.

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  3. sos says:

    Idaho: Tuberville: Potato-Town: Famous potatoes?!!1! It goes right to the top. Wake up and smell the chips sheeple!

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  4. purplehead says:

    Pocatatoe should really be the capital of Idyho.

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  5. roket says:

    Nope. No cognitive dissonance here.

    “Our company does not believe a website or social networking site has the authority to censor what you see and post and hide information from you…”

    However, they do have that God-given right, obviously.


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