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How The Stupid Coup sees themselves

Axios afternoon email thingie gives us a sense of scope:

At the biggest briefing by federal officials since the Capitol siege, D.C.’s acting U.S. attorney, Michael Sherwin, detailed the FBI’s “mind-blowing” range of investigations.

  • The FBI has opened files on over 170 people and filed charges in over 70 cases, Sherwin told reporters. Cases are expected to run into the hundreds.

The big picture: The offenses being investigated range from trespass to murder, plus theft of mail, theft of digital devices, civil disorder, cases “tied to sedition and conspiracy,” possession of destructive devices, possession of semiautomatic weapons, assault on local officers, assault on federal officers (inside and outside the Capitol), theft of national security or national defense information, and civil-rights charges involving excessive force.

Between the lines: Sherwin said the pipe bombs found outside the RNC and DNC offices — which did not go off — “were real devices” with explosive igniters and timers, Axios’ Orion Rummler reports.

  • Prosecutors have formed task forces to investigate attacks against the media, assault and battery on police officers, and to “build seditious and conspiracy charges related to the most heinous acts,” Sherwin said.

So I guess those initial reports of 13 people facing charges has grown. I wonder if this will reach the ears of the rest of Possum Hollar’s brave gundamentalists and ammosexuals and put a damper on their plans for next week?

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13 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    I have a few Quatloos wagered on mask-wearing at the next insurrection, and the one following that, and then the next one…
    As in, there will be lots more of it.
    And there is a fresh meme circulating on FB these days:

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  2. Just watching Rachel talking about that briefing, she pointed out that the USA has engaged a bunch of public corruption attorneys into the task force.

    Public corruption deals with elected and appointed officials.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I also can’t help but wonder how many operatives Putin inserted into that rabble. How many offices in the Capitol does he have bugged now? Were they involved with the theft of national security or national defense information?

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  4. Jroc says:

    I think Joint Enterprise should apply here to charge them all with killing the officer. Even if it was just limited to those who entered the building. It’s the same law that convicts the wheel-man in a bank robbery if someone gets shot by another member of the crew. Hoping this is a thing in the USA!

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    • It is; in most jurisdictions it’s called “felony murder”, and it applies to anyone involved in the commission of a crime where someone dies. Many years ago here in the TSKoA a couple of kids crashed a frat party, got into a fight, cops were called and one of them ended up getting shot and killed by a cop (three guesses what color their skin was).

      The other kid was put on trial and convicted of felony murder.

      Because a cop shot the other one

      There is absolutely solid legal ground to charge all these rioters with that crime.

      [puts on Karnack the Great Hat, holds envelope to head]


      Opens envelope and reads off:

      “Why won’t there be murder charges brought in the 2021 Coup Attempt?”

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  5. roket says:

    I trust they will each and every one receive the proper diet of their choice while in the clink. If not, they should contact QAnon Shaman’s mommy.

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    • robginchicago says:

      I hope that jail officials run right out and buy a crate of organic Brussel sprouts, and serve horny man (wannabe Kato Kaelin) nothing but that.

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      • w3ski4me says:

        I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t dare touch a “special meal” in the jailhouse. It may be organic for him, but the “additives” provided by the guards and staff are what will seriously get him.
        He should have kept his mouth shut.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      I have never in my life heard of a “Special Menu” being offered at a local jail, unless it was court-ordered, due to a certified medical condition, or a special religious consideration. As a prisoner, you have every right to request certain changes be made to your “menu,” but usually the answer is “NO.”

      Followed by lotsa Lolz.


  6. spotthedog says:

    Imagine if he had succeeded in getting the FBI under his control.


  7. Ten Bears says:

    Cop-killers. That’s it: cop-killers.


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